Stock up on -ologies (more added!)

By Mir
May 26, 2007

My kids love these books, and they are currently one of my favorite things to give as birthday presents, too, because they are fun but they’re not another toy to clutter up the place. There are few joys that can rival giving a gift that both the birthday kid and his parents appreciate.

Here’s a few I saw marked down to 80% off, but if you poke around you might find even more. Happy shopping!

The Ologies Collection, a boxed set including Dragonology, Egyptology, Wizardology, and Pirateology, marked down to $15.99 (this one doesn’t ship for free, but shipping is only $2.70).

The entire Dragonology collection, marked down to $12.79 (free shipping eligible).

Just the Dragonology book, marked down to $4.00 (free shipping eligible).

The Wandmakers Guidebook, marked down to $4.00 (free shipping eligible).

Pirateology, marked down to $4.00 (free shipping eligible).

Update! Found some other great 80% off book deals that you might want to check out:

Castle: Medieval Days and Knights
A Princess Primer
Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Sharks and Other Sea Monsters
Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs: The Definitive Pop-Up
Encyclopedia Prehistorica Boxed Set (that’s the previous two books, bundled together)


  1. Hey Wonderful Ladies!!
    Just a heads up that I purchased the ologies set for my son and the shipping is actually $3.99 with a $2.70 surcharge (whatever that is for) which makes the total for shipping $6.69 🙂 Just an FYI, hope you all have a GREAT weekend.

  2. The $2.70 is a surcharge in addition to….oh, someone already commented. Never mind!

  3. You caught me, I didn’t notice that in my hurry to post. Okay, the shipping is kind of high on the entire set. But at 80% off, it’s still quite the deal. Sorry for the oversight!

  4. Oh, thanks! I have a boatload of kids and this knocks out several with one shot.

  5. Oh, thanks so much! I have numerous kids who read/look at books so this takes care of several with one order. Plus, these are way cool books.

  6. Oh Mir, how I love it when you find bookish goodies. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this — I love these books way too much. (Er, and so does my kid, hehe.)

  7. THANK YOU!!!! I have been looking at the prehistorica books for a couple years but just couldn’t justify the cost when my kids were only toddlers when I first saw them. But at this price, I don’t mind storing them for a couple more years. And the other books (including the princess book for my niece!!!) will make awesome gifts. Yeah! Made my day.

  8. I think I just managed to get the perfect birthday present & big sister & little sister presents! woo-hoo! after seeing the prices on these amazing books (we have a lot of them, but the supplemental ones are fab, too) even my husband was excited! 🙂

    thank you pretty mir for posting this in plenty of time for free shipping to arrive before my middle one’s birthday!

  9. Thanks! My kids LOVE books!

  10. Thanks for a little Sunday morning joy! I am now set for the summer birthday party season — 11 books for $47! Yahoo!

  11. This is tempting, very tempting, for my classroom collection…but I’ve promised myself (and my family) that I will stop spending money on books for school for a while. Sniff. Sigh.

  12. Ha ha — this was a wonderful buy & now I have lots of books for the holiday box and for “just because” gifts. Oh, I guess I should have read rachel’s comment first, since I was planning to give MG one of those books, but they will never go to waste!

  13. I bought the Ologies set, then emailed amazon and complained about the page saying the purchase qualified for free shipping. I got the shipping charges knocked off. YAY!! It was such a great deal that I had to scoot on over to the School House Rock series (really cheap right now) and get that too. Sing it with me, “Conjunction junction, what’s your function?” Thanks for the tip!

  14. Oh, Mir, you are so fabulous!! I got the shark book for my niece — I was just talking to her about it today, and then came home to find this post and snapped it up for her birthday. Got the other two Sabuda books, one for my boy and one for gifts, and the Wand book either for him or a gift. What great prices! This is the kind of post I love the most.

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