Stock up on our favorite snacks

By Mir
June 4, 2007

Granted, it’d be a little weird for you to stock up on our favorite snacks, but I’m willing to bet they’ll be a favorite of yours, as well.

For the entire month of June, buy $39 worth of eligible Robert’s American Gourmet snacks and save an additional $15 with coupon code BOOTY666. (Added bonus: Isn’t that the best coupon code ever? I don’t know whether to giggle or cross myself.)

Many of those products are already on sale, so the final prices are hard to beat. Plus the Robert’s American Gourmet brand is committed to healthy, natural ingredients and snacks we don’t have to feel guilty about feeding our children. I sometimes buy this stuff at full price (I know! Shocking!) just to support the company, but if you can get it on sale, all the better.

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  1. yessss! I have been waiting for a sale like this — I was thisclose to getting the Pirate Booty without any sale code, so you are a godsend, Mir. mmmm booty. thanks for the heads up!

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