Fancy pancakes

By Mir
June 11, 2007

Here’s another Amazon grocery deal for you:

For the month of June, spend $29 on Heidi’s Cottage pancake mixes and you can take $10 off your total with coupon code PANCAKE4.

That’s a lot of pancakes. A lot of fancy pancakes. The smiling woman on the box is scaring me a little, and I’m wondering if she’s actually eaten what she’s hawking (sourdough pancakes? cheese pancakes??), but it’s a good deal so I had to share.

Because I’m like that.


  1. Ooh, she IS a bit scary.

  2. Has anyone tried these? I would hate to buy a gazillion boxes to try to store and then find it’s icky!

    To compare, we LOVE Hodgson Mill’s Multigrain buttermilk pancake mix. It’s 16 oz. box that sells (I think) for $2.49 at my store. Amazon sells it too:

    LOVE that it’s chock full of protein too so you don’t get that sudden sugar drop like you do from all carb pancakes…

    So, to stick with what we love or venture out and try something new to save a shiny penny!

  3. I like the gift pack — but she didn’t call it a gift pack. Tote? Carry-all with mixes? Whatever. Unfortunately, no one has a birthday until November in our house. Pancakes for Father’s Day doesn’t quite cut it.

  4. On the Heidi’s Cottage website they sell the boxes for $3.50 each – much less than the $15 on Amazon. I figured it was a smaller quantity, but it appears to be the same six pack. Am I mistaken??

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