Another digital photo frame

By Mir
June 12, 2007

You may remember that while back I wrote a bit about picking a digital picture frame as an example of trying to balance quality vs. savings on electronics.

One thing I think I cannot stress enough is that you should always read the reviews when making a decision. Sometimes the cheaper option is really pretty good. Sometimes it’s not worth it at even half the price. Do your research.

That said: Today’s Deal of the Day at is a Coby 7″ digital photo frame for $74.99 with free shipping. The reviews are great, the shipping is free, and if you’re new to Google Checkout (really, have you still not joined?) you can save another $10 on top of that.

If Google Checkout isn’t an issue, you also have the option of getting the same thing at Amazon for the same price. Just in case you have a merchant preference. (Great reviews there, too.)

(I’m sitting on my hands here, people. Must not shop anymore until after my move.)

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  1. Can you not have stuff shipped to your new address yet? (Sorry, Otto.)

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