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By Mir
June 18, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

[Does this post look familiar? I posted it last week when I received the coupon. Then it turned out that this promotion didn’t start until today. Whoops! It should work fine, now.]

You already know that ELF has super-cheap make-up. $1 apiece, for most stuff.

But is that good enough for us? Heck no! Why not use coupon code BIRTHDAY through June 24th, 2007? It’ll give you 30% off all cosmetic cases, 40% off all elements, and 50% off all brightening eye shadows, eye pencils, and mascaras.

You can stock your entire make-up case for about $5, I’ll bet.


  1. I just tried to use the ELF BIRTHDAY coupon and it says it’s expired. 🙁

  2. Whoa… okay, I got that coupon direct from ELF, so my guess is a site glitch. Will check back later to see if they’ve fixed it (but in the meantime I suppose you could call their customer service).

  3. i’ve debated trying the super-thriftiness that is ELF, but have wondered what people thought about the quality of the makeup… thoughts?

  4. I am also getting the expired coupon message. It is around 12:30 eastern time.

  5. I just used it. It worked. Woo Hoo!! I got five eye shadows and 2 eyeliners for $8.50. That was with shipping which was $5.00, but still.

  6. What a painless way to buy makeup! Thank you!

  7. It worked for me too! I got 8 different shades of eyeshadow, a makeup bag, lip balm, shine erasing sheets, pressed powder and some eyeshadow applicators for $16 shipped! Thanks!

  8. I’ve been meaning to splurge on some new makeup. I just got two pre-made sets of all kinds of things, plus extra lipstick and brushes, for $20 including shipping. I MUST tell my sister about this. Thank you pretty Mir, and good luck on the move!!!

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