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By Mir
July 11, 2007
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I just got an email from someone this morning asking for magazine deals, and then I thought to myself, “Huh, I guess it’s been a while since I posted any of those.” I was mid-poking-around when someone else mailed me a deal, and so in general I conclude that today is the day I’m supposed to post about magazines. So.

First: If you go to this page you can choose a year of up to 4 magazines for just a $2 processing fee, each. They do “automatically” renew after the first year at the regular price, but they will send you a subscription reminder (at which point you can cancel).

Second: Always check out the BestDealMagazines Deal of the Day. You have to wait for something you want to come around, but the price is always right. You can also use coupon code EDEALINFO15 for an additional 15% off through the end of 2007.

Third: Thanks to Kailani for point out that right now Parents Magazine is offering 3 years for the price of 1. $12 gets you three full years!

My rule of thumb is that I will never pay more than $4 for a year of a magazine. All of my current subscriptions were absolutely free, actually, because magazines make their money off of advertisers, not subscribers. That means that they periodically offer subscriptions for free just to keep their circulation numbers up and the ad dollars rolling in.

And I can’t justify spending real money on stuff I hardly ever have time to read, anyway. Sigh.


  1. How does your $4 rule work if you subscribe to a magazine and your subscription comes up for renewal?

  2. Bec: I find deals to do renewals long before my subscription expires. At this point I think I have 6 years to Working Mother and 4 to Family Fun. 😀

  3. So, I currently subscribe to Time. I did get a good deal on it, but not $2 good. If I subscribe to it now, how do I get it to add on to the end of my current subscription and not receive duplicates?

  4. My problem is that the magazines I adore (Real Simple, Martha, Cosmo, etc.) never seem to come up for these deals… sometimes you find Cosmo Girl in them, but at 25 I really just don’t have interest in the latest prom looks! 🙂

  5. I always check Ebay for the magazine I want… sometimes I can get 4 or 5 different magazine subscriptions for $10 total.

  6. I had a really bad experience with BestDealMagazine when I ordered the Disney Adventures Magazine. I ordered several subscriptions which never were delivered, and trying to clear it up with BDM was a nightmare. In fact, it was never resolved. I’m not saying this is going to be everyone’s experience with them, but it was mine, and getting something for a good deal isn’t really a good deal if you never get what you ordered.

  7. I just had to add that I also had a problem with ordered the Disney Adventures and Family Fun and never received them- and customer service is non existent there, as well. I’m scared to get magazine subscriptions off the net now!

  8. have never had a problem with these deals. I am thrilled to enjoy a magazine that hasn’t been spilled on, taken into a toliet or is three years old in a waiting room. 😛

  9. I’ve never ordered from Best Deal Magazines, but I have ordered from other magazine places on the web and have never had a problem like others have mentioned above. Now I’ll have to keep a look out for deals at Best Deal Magazines too! I looove getting magazines for nothing or next to nothing. Thanks for the tip.

  10. If you don’t read them, why order them in the first place? That’s my problem with these easy subscriptions, it suckers people in to order things they don’t need. Save gas, save the trees, and save your money and read them online.

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