Free shipping at Old Navy

By Mir
July 12, 2007

The big deal there right now is flip-flops for just $2 (although, in my humble opinion, that’s about what they’re worth), but you can ship any order for free at Old Navy with coupon code SHIPPLUS2U.

Dude, I used to love Old Navy for me. I must be getting old, because other than their Perfect Fit t-shirts I see precious little there I’d be willing to put on my body. They still have cute stuff for the kids, though.


  1. I feel the same way, Mir. They have a pencil skirt in black right now that is OK. But that is it.

  2. I just tried to use that coupon code to buy uniform shorts for my son and it wouldn’t let me. It says, “Must purchase Women’s Plus merchandise to qualify”. Oh well!

  3. I suspect that if you buy a pair of flip-flops while in the Women’s Plus section, it will make the coupon work and your entire order will ship for free. 😉

  4. Thanks! I’ve had stuff in my cart, and was planning on ordering today. I added a pair of flip-flops from the plus section, and got free shipping (saved $3 after adding the shoes). Thanks Mir!

  5. Hey Mir – I keep hearing about those perfect fit t-shirts at Old Navy. Are they really that good? I’m a DD and it’s so hard to find t-shirts that don’t make me feel self-conscious. Several people have recommended the Old Navy ones, but they are mail order only and I’m a bit hesitant to order something if I don’t know how it fits. My go-to tee has been the stretch T (with lycra) at the GAP in an XL but it only comes in a crew neck, and I pine for a V neck. Is the Old Navy V very deep? I just want a fracking T that doesn’t make me feel like an ad for Victoria’s Secret!

  6. I got some of the Old Navy flip-flops last summer, and they were terrible. I was not a bit disappointed when they floated away during a tubing excursion. Its worth the $5 extra to buy them at Target.

  7. Tarzy- the V is deep. You’d want to get a cami for underneath.

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