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By Mir
July 18, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Overstock.com, Inc.Honestly, I guess I don’t quite “get” the whole O-Day concept, as it regularly seems to span about three days rather than just one, but that’s okay. It means extra savings, and I’m all about that. So I’ll just try to roll with it. Now through July 20th, take 8% off your total order and ship it for a buck through that there link.

At Overstock, obviously. Do I need to say that part? Because if it was Amazon my guess is that it’d be A-Day.


  1. Has anyone gotten the special Overstock membership that we signed up for through email?

  2. Lou, I never got mine, and I sent the e-mail very soon after it was posted. 🙁

  3. One more time: Many of you who emailed on the Overstock deal had your Club O membership activated without any sort of notification, so please check your account before insisting that you didn’t receive it.

    If you are one of the people who actually didn’t get it, simply email Overstock customer service and/or Patrick to inquire. They were overwhelmed with responses and it’s possible that you were missed (and they’ve been marvelous about taking care of the folks who politely followed up).

  4. Since my overstock account is indeed not showing membership, I e-mailed Patrick to follow up. Hopefully they’ll hook me up. Even if not, it seems like you can just wait until “O” day, and still get a lot of the perks. 🙂

  5. I checked my account and I don’t see anything that shows that I got the deal, but I don’t exactly know where to look. Would it be obvious?

  6. Jan, look either at the top of the page at the center – it should say $1 shipping, or check to see if the prices are listed as Club O price.

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