The ultimate price match deal

By Mir
July 18, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

This one is only worth it if you are dead serious about your bargains, and/or you live very near to a Staples store and/or you need to go there for other stuff, anyway.

This week’s Office Depot circular advertises 24-count Crayola crayons for just 9 cents apiece (limit 5 boxes).

Staples offers a 110% price guarantee. That means they’ll credit you 110% of the price difference between their current listing and the lower advertised price elsewhere.

So if you price match at Staples you can actually get your Crayolas for 4 cents a box.

Go out and make me proud, people.


  1. If I happen by a Staples, I may do this just to donate them to the teacher at school or the local food bank/services for the needy. Thanks for the info!

  2. It was even better than that at my Staples! They were $1.79, so I got 5 boxes for a total of NEGATIVE 43 cents. They paid me to take 5 boxes of crayons from them. You really can’t beat that! Thanks, Mir.

  3. Holy Crap! That makes the two second drive from my house to Staples irresistable. I’m on my way to stock up for our church school supply drive.

  4. I think this is a great time to chime in about stocking up for not only teachers and other charities/organizations, but also for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes! A wonderful thing to do with your kids!

  5. Great point, Andrea. I always use deals like this for OCC supplies. 🙂

  6. Wow! There’s a Staples about an hour away from me. It might be worth the gas to get in and buy several boxes for my students. I teach in a school with a lot of low income kids.

  7. Thanks for the heads-up! I didn’t do the price-matching thing, but I’m getting married this weekend and while I was out, I picked up some dollar store items for my fiance’s cousin’s five-year-old to keep him occupied during the wedding weekend. The crayons were a cheap and useful accompaniment to the coloring book and toys I threw in the bag!!!

  8. This is what I LIVE for, thanks!

  9. Just a little story about my grandma who passed away this week. She LOVED a good bargain. When we were sharing stories yesterday, my uncle said she always said, “Never pass up a good bargain, even if you have to throw it out!” Too funny, but that is a really great deal on crayons though!! =)

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