It’s the last Friday in July. . .

By Mir
July 27, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

… which means we’re one step closer to the kids going back to school. That’s reason enough to celebrate, really, but the Amazon Friday Sale is the icing on the cake.

Need a one-hour battery recharger? You can’t even have too many of those, particularly if (like me) you seem to have an entire house full of devices that run on AAs.

Here’s a handy tip: A man in a Speedo is bad. A woman in a Speedo is good. You’re welcome.

I think this is adorable crib bedding, but I’ll admit I may be seduced by the word “monkey” in the title.

Need a coffee table or three?

Mmmmm, delicious floss for your dog.

Numi tea for your gift closet.

Sometimes I wonder if there’s anything left to invent, and then I see something like an inflatable hot tub and I realize people will keep coming up with stuff long after it’s useful.

I’m picturing margaritas in this blender.

I didn’t even know you could make gelato at home. But I’m willing to try.

The quesadilla maker is back on sale!

There’s more, but gosh, I am suddenly really hungry. I need to go eat some breakfast.


  1. Try this link if you are ordering [Mir here… tried to edit your link and screwed it up… see my comment below]

    and get SilverStone Simply Baking Muffin Pans, Set of 2 fpr $5.60, but wait, thats not all — there is also a $5 MIR, so you end up getting them for $1.60. The list price is $26.50!

  2. Carrie, awesome deal – thanks!

  3. Sorry about that… here’s the muffin pans link from Carrie: muffin pans deal

  4. I can’t stop giggling at the thought of the musical toothbrush that plays We Will Rock You.

  5. Speedo on professional male swimmer is good.

  6. I went for the gelato/ice cream maker. I’ve always wanted one, and at that price, who can turn it down????? Thanks as always for finding the best deals!

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