Hello, I must be going

By Mir
August 1, 2007

Oh, hi! Am I supposed to be posting here? Right. Well then.

The thing is, I’m off with the family for a quick trip, so I’m going to have to leave you to talk amongst yourself for a little bit. But here are a few new Amazon grocery coupons for August that looked particularly good, so that you can have some snacks while I’m gone. (Okay, technically, I’m only going to be gone a day or so and it’s unlikely you’d have your shipment by then, but play along.)

Take $5 off your $19+ purchase of Yummy Earth Candy with coupon code CANDY989. (I bought these the last time there was a deal and they’re delicious, plus completely natural.)

Take $5 off your $19+ purchase of Mareblue Naturals snacks with coupon code CRUNCH22.

Take $10 off your $29+ purchase of Kettle Valley fruit snacks with coupon code FRUITLE6.

Take $10 off your $29+ purchase of Planters cashews with coupon code CASHEW08.

Take $10 off of your $29+ purchase of qualifying Nabisco products with coupon code NABISC08.

Happy snacking! Back in a bit!



    I know I stocked up on veggie booty snacks about a month ago when they were cheap, cheap, cheap on Amazon, but they have all been RECALLED. Salmonella poisoning….just throw them out and contact them for a refund.

    Here is the link: http://www.robscape.com/files/prod-veggie-booty.php

  2. Here’s hoping the Kettle Valley stuff is good, I just ordered two cases of stuff for my toddler to snack on. yay for fruit!

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