Every penny counts

By Mir
August 7, 2007

For those of you who took advantage of the Horizon milk boxes deal I posted yesterday, Amazon has dropped the price another $3/case, today.

Email customer service and ask them to refund you the difference. (Hey, if you bought two cases—which you probably did, to utilize the coupon—that’s another $6 in your pocket.) They’ll credit it back to you, no questions asked.


  1. Thank You! Got them today for $24!

  2. Thanks- procrastinators like me need that extra 3 bucks a case as motivation to act on a deal.

  3. Pretty pretty pretty Mir, I thank you and my kids thank you.

  4. Thanks, Mir! I’d completely forgotten, and I really wanted to act on this one, too. 🙂

  5. Looks like for once, my knack for procrastination paid off! I just ordered mine!

  6. Grrr…that’s what I get for NOT being a procrastinator. I sent an email to customer service. We’ll see what happens…Thanks for the heads-up, Mir!

  7. To avoid having to go through customer service, I just cancelled the order I made yesterday and re-ordered at the new price…

  8. They are repricing my order before it ships. Thanks!

  9. Am i allowed to be this excited about organic milk and soy products? What have I begun!

  10. thanks mir! good to know. mine already shipped and will probably be here tomorrow. hopefully, the credit will come soon, too.

    it’ll be so nice to be able to have milk at the office. baby boy will probably jump for joy (only hopefully not too much, as he loves to kick just next to my right kidney).

  11. Just jumped on board! My procrastinating made me miss out on the chocolate milk. Oh well, the strawberry will be a special treat! Got a case of regular too, probably wise not to let my girls get too used to sweet milk. lol.

  12. I read that and thought, “Oh, crap!” cuz I did buy two cases yesterday — then I kept reading. Thank you, Mir!

  13. Yes Lisa, you ARE allowed to be allowed to be excited about organic milk and soy products! Though this particular deal doesn’t fit my needs, I gotta say, Soy. Milk. Rocks. (And I NEVER thought that would be something I’d say. Or type. Whatever.) I don’t have little ones, so I’m not in need of the milk boxes. I buy the Kirklad brand vanilla soy milk at Costco. And it makes me very happy. (Especially when I use it to make smoothies, along with bananas and frozen strawberries.)

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