It will change your husband’s life

By Mir
August 13, 2007

In combining households after my recent remarriage, it was a really interesting thing to see what we had two of, what he had that I didn’t and vice versa, etc. One of the things my husband brought to the marriage was an electronic label maker.

I have never before seen someone enjoy a device quite so much. He labels things in the garage and in the closets and for the kids. They should not be advertising these as “handy” or “useful” but as “HOURS OF FUN,” I am convinced.

Anyway. Got a gadget guy? Check out this Brother Desktop Labeler that’s currently on sale for $23.99 with free shipping. (If you haven’t used Google Checkout yet, you can get another $10 off, too!) Check out the reviews (and the much higher price) here at Amazon if you’re not convinced. It’s a great little gizmo at a discounted price.


  1. I don’t have a big fancy “desktop” labeler, but I did find a Brother portable one half-price at Rite Aid and now there is a label on everything in my house. My 1 yo and 4 yo can’t read, though…so it doesn’t help with getting them to pick up or organize their stuff. My husband DOES read, so I’m not sure what HIS excuse is….

  2. These things are addictive. I picked up a portable handheld version at Goodwill, still in the package, for about three bucks a couple of months ago. Handy tip: hit eBay for label cartridges. Much, much cheaper than getting them retail.

  3. i big puffy heart my brother label maker!

  4. I browsed it earlier, and just pulled it back up and its unavailable.

  5. I have a handheld one for my lab at school and am pretty much addicted to it. I think I need a support group or something.

  6. I have a DYMO labelwriter – what an amazing thing – I’m also an addict

  7. Everyone who’s anyone must be reading you today (of course!) They’re sold out at the moment.
    We have a dymo style labeler that does Braille. It’s sooooo handy! We Braille label all of Amigo’s school folders and much, much more.

  8. I just had a blog entry about how much I love my label maker! It has made organizing my house so incredibly almost fun. Amazon and Staples often have refurbished ones. My kids now make cool things like “I love Mommy” labels to stick on me. What’s not to love?

  9. Late with the label maker post, but I’ve got (cringe) three of them. And adore them!
    And for anyone wanting one, but not willing to spend money on it. Staples often has deals where you buy toner, or ink or something like that, and they’ll give you a label maker, FREE!!
    That’s how I got the one I gave away.

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