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By Mir
August 21, 2007
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Remember this post about getting a customized mousepad on the cheap? (I’ll refresh your memory: It’s at ArtsCafe.) There’s lots of other products there, and I for one was waffling because I wanted the business card holder but the code from my first post only gave free shipping on that, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to pay, and…

… sometimes procrastination pays off. Code SRDW99 gives you many of those items (including the business card holder, and some others, but I’m not sure which all it includes) for just $1.99 plus the $3 shipping. So I got my card holder for $5 shipped, which was very reasonable I think. Also, coupon code SRDW99 appears to take some money off the more expensive items for which the other coupon doesn’t work. Again, I’m not entirely sure what works and what doesn’t—play around and see—but it’s a great selection of personalized items at very reasonable prices.


  1. I got my order today. 2 photo mousepads for $5.98 shipped. Took 1 week to get here and they look great!

  2. Oh that is GOOD! I sampled an Italian Charm watch, and it took $7 off the $9.99 price…I have to go back and order it in a few minutes. It will take money off the first of each item, as I did two different watches and it took $7 off each!!!

  3. ooo… and I got my business card done, but didn’t actually complete it, well, NOW I will! Thanks!

  4. I tried creating a tote bag with photos of my kids, and the coupon only took off the $3.00 shipping charge. Hmmm…but the tote is so damn cute with their photos on it. I don’t know if I can resist…

  5. MIR. It ships from HONG KONG. I am very afraid. Fingers crossed that this great deal doesn’t disseminate my credit card info!! It IS a great deal, tho..thanks!

  6. Do not be afraid! I know a bunch of people who did the deal the first time ’round and they already got their stuff. Pinky swear!

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