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By Mir
September 4, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Here’s another Amazon quickie (everyone else seems to be resting after hard weekend of deals, heh): If you’ve been waiting for a deal on a KitchenAid stand mixer, wait no longer. That’s about as cheap as it get, right there. I occasionally see refurbished ones for around $100, but to see one new (with free shipping, even—those things weigh a ton!) for $100 is a deal indeed.


  1. I must have it, I must have it, I must have it… can I knock husband out for a few days so he won’t notice it suddenly being in our kitchen?

  2. Dang thats a good deal!

  3. I know. I don’t need one but it’s SUCH a good deal.

  4. Must be gone…the link now shows a white one for $160…

  5. I had to click on the new and used from $99 to see the mixer sold by amazon.

  6. Amazon moves the links around, sometimes. I think the original link is working again, now.

  7. Hot DAMN! I just bought my anniversary present!!

  8. Holy sheesh! I already have one, but I wish I didn’t just so I could get as excited about this deal as I should be! Anyone who doesn’t have one, jump on this deal. They’re a must have.

  9. Thanks so much for the tip — I have always wanted one of these, and now I will have one. And I don’t even mind waiting a month and a half to get it!

  10. I did it… now just 1 question. Does this have to count as my birthday present? Or can it be a “just because I’m the one who does all the cooking” order?

  11. The only reason I sold mine was because it wasn’t large enough to hold 9 cups of flour. So, I eBay’ed it got the 5qt with a free shipping deal thanks to an earlier linky from the wise and pretty Mir 🙂

  12. Seems to be gone now. Oh well. And my birthday is in a few days, too. : (

  13. For those of you who cook/bake frequently, this is a pretty small mixer. If you KNOW you will use it frequently, get at least the 5 qt and preferably the 6 qt. You can get those for $139 on ebay (the 5 qt) and similar or less on ebay.

  14. I agree w/ Melissa on the bigger mixer thing– if you’re doing bread, for instance, it’s no harder to double the recipe and get more loaves (for eating or gift-giving) out of the same amount of work. Plus, the bigger ones have the bowl lifting lever, not the lift-up mixer head– which means it’s easier to operate from under your kitchen counters.

    Sadly, my 6-qt has a burned motor due to my husband leaving it unattended while it struggled with some particularly stiff bread dough. I love the (discontinued) jadite green color, and we’re in debates over whether we should have it repaired or sacrifice the lovely color for a new model.


  15. I don’t know if you will read this or not, but if you are doing breads, the best mixer for heavy doughs is the Bosch Concept 7. I have the Electrolux DLX2000 which is also great, but customer support and their directions stink, but they are similar. They drive from underneath with a belt so have a stronger/less likely to burn out motor. KAs are, unfortunately, not like they used to be. Bosch is made in Germany, Electrolux is made in Sweden… KAs are made where now? is it still USA, but they are made with cheaper parts than they used to be. These used to last for 30 years, but you hear of way too many burnouts with modern machines and really, they aren’t expensive any more relative to what they used to cost. Check out http://www.pleasanthillgrain.com/ for more info on mixers or other bread making sites to see what I’m talking about.

  16. Is anyone else’s mixer not shipping until mid-October? Anybody know the reason for this? Mine says it will not ship until at least October 11.

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