Better Homes and Gardens for free

By Mir
September 12, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

(Well, not an actual better home. Or even a garden. I’m talking about the magazine.)

Go join Start Sampling (which you should do, anyway, because they have lots of free stuff) and then grab your free one year subscription to Better Homes and Gardens magazine. There’s a link to register with SS right on that page.

I haven’t read BH&G for a while, but I seem to recall they have some good recipes in there. Also it’s always nice to have some magazines on hand for the kids to cut up, in my experience.


  1. You know, I have just started my own cake business and have been sampling recipes and you know what? The cakes in here are as good if not better than those super expensive cake specialty books! I got my first Better Homes and Garden cookbook when I got married 14 years ago and it’s a great “staple” cookbook for things like, “How long am I supposed to boil hardboiled eggs?” “What temp should I bake a chicken and for how long if it’s 5 lbs?” and also has lots of tried and true STAPLE recipes.

    I recently bought their anniversary edition and I was a bit dismayed that it’s gone a little too “modern” on me – like corn bread is now fancy and cobbler is now fancy, so I saved my favorite recipes from that cookbook and put it in with the new recipes (gotta love their 3 ring binder).

    I know this isn’t for the cookbook, but if I love the cookbooks and recipes, I think I’ll enjoy the simplicity (I hope it is) of their recipes in the magazine too. I just might have to get it despite it probably meaning I’ll now have a ton more junk mail too.

  2. Melissa: I agree, totally. I love my “old school” BH&G cookbook, and some of the recipes are good, but it’s definitely different than it used to be.

    Here’s a handy tip for those free magazine subscriptions: When signing up for a magazine, do it in your pet’s name or make something up. That way, you’ll know EXACTLY where the associated junk mail is coming from, because stuff addressed to Fido Smith can only be a result of your subscriptions. 😉

  3. They also have Parent’s mazazine for free also. 22 issues! Great for families.

  4. I saw the Parent’s magazine, but they really should call it, “someone with their first baby” magazine, because it is SOOOO for first time moms with babies, imo… Sorry, if other’s disagree. I thought about it for a second and then realized I think that magazine is true doctor’s office material only… hope I don’t feel that way about BH&G. it’s perfect timing because my free Bon Apetit subscription just ran out!

  5. Nifty! I ordered a magazine for my husband, too. I was always leery of this site, but I’ll trust your judgment enough to sign up for it. Thanks!

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