Clearance is one of my favorite words

By Mir
September 24, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Ooooh, I just noticed there’s some great stuff over in the clearance section over at Red Envelope. Peasants like me can’t afford to shop there at regular price, of course, but the sales often yield some very nice deals.

No free shipping code, this time, I’m afraid… but you can use coupon code COUPCAB15 to take 15% off your order. That should help.

Check out the photo totes. Those have “Christmas gift for Grandma” written all over them.


  1. gift for grandma, gift for myself (I have been wanting one of those keychains! It will be exciting to get it in my Christmas stocking!) and something for the someday nursery. Sweet. 15% off didn’t quite cover shipping, but great deal all around.

    I don’t think I’ve mentioned how nice you are looking this morning?

  2. Just an FYI – the photo heart tote is shown in beige but says only available in red – just so ya know what you’re getting! 🙂

  3. Dude! Valentine’s Day for Grandma! 😀

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