He doesn’t have to play polo

By Mir
September 27, 2007

Want to make yourself very popular with the man in your life who wants to know what you’re buying over the internet now? Go check out these polo shirts from Eddie Bauer. They’re already marked down to $9.99, but if you put two or more in your cart? They drop down to $4.99 each.

Even sweeter: Free shipping (there will still be a small handling charge) with code SeptFS!

These will sell out quickly. But you’ll look awesome if you snag a few.

[Edited 9/28/07: Looks like this deal was too good to be true (although some of us haven’t received cancellations). Consider it dead.]


  1. Thanks…got two.

  2. Oh pretty shirts from pretty Mir! Thanks so much for this. DH just started a job where he can wear polos and he is in need of polos in decent colors. Left on his own, he will pick the only colors that go with NOTHING. Now, he will have at least a few that actually match his pants.

  3. Site must have gotten busy, I’m getting locked up and things are getting changed to sold out. I was trying to act quickly!

  4. I got two, and in TALL! My 6’4″ husband will be so happy (and look so nice standing next to me in my $1 pearls).

  5. Holy crap this is awesome. Hubby shall look spiffing in his new polos!

  6. thanks! what a great deal. i ordered 4, christmas is coming…

  7. Ordered 3 for $20 shipped – can’t beat it for xmas presents!

  8. This kind of specific, get-this-now info is exactly what I need, and what I love you for. If I’d have been left to my own devices to peruse the Eddie Bauer site looking for a good deal to use with the free shipping code, my eyes would have just glazed over and I would have lost all sense of what kind of clothing I should be buying. (Not that I did that the other day, or anything.) So thank you, thank you, thank you!

  9. I just ordered five, all the colors he can wear (according to me – heh.)

    Free pearls, cheap wooden hangers and now this. It’s been a banner week at Want Not!

  10. Mine are on backorder until 10/5, but I’ll definitely wait at these prices. Thanks for pointing it out!

  11. Awesome!

  12. Scored 4 for less than $25 – AWSOME!!!

  13. YAY! Bought 4 XL Talls… DH is gonna be so happy! Thanks so much!

  14. Hmm. Did anyone else get the “unable to verify as trusted site” message on this?

  15. I got 4 for $24.04! My hubby is goona be stoked!

  16. It is confirmed. You are the devil. I got six! But they will make great Christmas gifts for the men in my life. You know, the men in my family. Not OTHER men.

  17. The title font makes it look like ‘pob’ instead of polo. I was wondering what the heck is pob.

  18. I was congratulating myself for getting this awesome deal until I saw that there was a shipping code that I forgot to use. I still got a great deal, but seriously? Maybe my teachers were right when they said to slow down and focus on what I am reading!

  19. Super, super, super! Especially since it seems we’re going to have summer all year ’round this year….

  20. Mir, You are so very pretty! Guess what all of the men on my Christmas list are getting this year? WooHoo!

  21. Hooo boy! Five shirts for less than $30. (happy dance)

  22. I think this was too good to be true for me. Just got the following email……
    “Unfortunately, the Short Sleeve Classic Pique Polo’s included on youreddiebauer.com order must be placed on eddiebaueroutlet.com to receive theOutlet price(s) on applicable sizes and colors. We have removed the Outletitems from your order and processed the remainder of your order to preventany delays. Your order should arrive within the expected delivery timeframe.You are welcome to place your order for the Outlet items again by visitingeddiebaueroutlet.com”


  23. Cool, just got 2 for my hubby for under $14 shipped. He’ll be so excited to have nice shirts from a name brand store for a change! 😉

  24. Oh Mir, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Last night my husband and I were just talking about low cost Christmas gifts for the men in the family–and had no idea where to start. How wonderful to now be able to say “DONE!”. While the color choices are now limited, I was able to find colors they’ll not mind (’cause the men in my family aren’t that picky about things like that). Who-HOO!!!

  25. yeah, I got the same email, KelleyJ. What exactly does that mean? Those shirts are not available on eddiebaueroutlet.com.

  26. If you live near an eddiebauer outlet, you might want to go. They had NICE pants marked down to $4.99 and not just odd sizes either. Actually, my husband’s entire wardrobe the last few years has come from the outlet. They fit nice, feel nice, wear nice and the price is better than Marshalls or TJMaxx, go figure!

  27. I got 8 shirts for 40.21! These are the practical gifts I like to give!

  28. I ordered right before I posted and I haven’t received an email like the ones described above. I’ll tell you all what I told Kelley in an email: If you get that response, call Customer Service. They may not end up honoring your order but their CS is really good and chances are they will offer you something as compensation if your order ends up canceled.

  29. I got the same email – called Customer Service as recommended. They were totally not helpful. They immediately asked if I’d followed a link to get there (why yes, I had – and a mighty good one, too!!) but then said that it was an invalid link that shouldn’t’ve been set up.

    Harumph!! Too bad about all those Christmas presents.

  30. Ok . . . if you go to eddiebaueroutlet.com and instead of searching, just plug in item number i33 709 6258 under “catalog quick order” it does pop up afterall.

    Haven’t ordered yet, though, so I don’t know what they’ve got left.

  31. Yeah, there are lots left at the outlet – but you don’t get $5.00 off when you order two or more . . .

  32. Mir, you are SO PRETTY – I scored three shirts for less than $20 – for my size medium TALL husband! yippee!!

  33. One more update for everyone: The scuttlebutt on several deal boards is that so many people placed humongous orders (eBay resellers?), most of the orders are being canceled.

    I only ordered two and haven’t gotten a cancellation notice. Who knows. Sorry for the problems some of you are having. 🙁

  34. I only ordered 2 shirts and I have not gotten a cancellation notice. Hopefully I won’t but I am sorry if some of you did 🙁

  35. hmm… i ordered 6 shirts (they’re the only shirts my husband wears to work) and haven’t gotten a cancellation notice, either. wonder if i should hold my breath. hope ya’ll are able to score some on the outlet site! thanks, mir — you rock!

  36. I got “the message” too. It tells me some items were removed from my order but not which ones. I have asked for clarification.

    They really should honor this. If it was invalid, their systems should not have allowed the orders to be placed. I was similarly screwed by Old Navy this week and they too, would not honor a discount I was denied because of a failure on their end.

  37. I did not get a cancellation notice, however I did have to call customer service because I needed to make a change in my order regarding shipping (one shirt was out of stock and they wanted to send 2 seperate shipments to Canada, um no) and the rep told me the order had been cancelled. Oh well, sometimes things are too good to be true, lol.

  38. I ordered 4 shirts earlier, all in the same size, 2 in stock, 2 on backorder and no cancellation notice as of yet…

    I got a similar deal on JCPenney yesterday. Two polo shirts, shipped, for around $12. If this does go through, my husband will be set with polos for a while! Thanks, Mir!

  39. HI Guys, Just thought I would let you know my order was cancelled also. I actually received a phone call from their internet customer service. The girl was very nice and explained how this whole thing happened. Someone took the item number for the polos on the eddiebaueroutlet.com site and put the number on their regular website. It is on their regular website that it says “Buy 2 or more save 5.00 off each. I was told that unfortunately you cannot take item numbers from one website and enter them on the other site. She also mentioned the posting here. She stated that EB did not have to honour pricing posted on another site other than their own. What a pity! It would have been an awesome deal! By the way the free shipping promotion is not valid either…that ended on the 25th. Just thought you might be interested in what I was told…..sorry to say but I think more cancellations are coming…

  40. If the shipping ended on the 25th, then why did it give me the code on their own website right before I went to check out. I used the code that they gave on their website right before I hit the button to continue my checkout (I think it was indeed the same one that Mir gave, to be honest), but it was in a red box on top of the price with shipping, handling, etc. If they didn’t want the free shipping code used anymore, they should have taken it off their own site AND they should have made it so it didn’t work when you went to check out (like many promo codes on other sites).

    It sounds as though they are just doing a bit of CYA (or B, if you’re so inclined) instead of honoring all the “deals” people went out for.

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