Now it pays for itself even faster

By Mir
October 2, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

If you’ve ever had an Entertainment Book, you already know that the coupons in it give you savings on everything from breakfast to dry cleaning to hotels. If you use it just a few times, typically you make back your purchase cost in no time. And right now, you can buy the 2008 Entertainment Book & get a FREE $25 Restaurant Certificate, good at over 8,500 restaurant nationwide, which means that for the smaller books/areas, all you have to do is use that certificate and you’ve paid for the book. Not bad at all.

(And shipping’s only a buck right now, too.)


  1. Sometimes, I’m better off not seeing your deals. Already ordered through a fundraiser. Oh but wait, maybe they make good Christmas gifts?!

  2. I wonder where the $25 Restaurant gift certificate is good at? I sure would like to know before I order it.

  3. I agree. Where is the gift certificate good for?

  4. Cindy and Jill: You can always go over to and input your address to find out which restaurants in your area are participating. (There may be a place on the Entertainment site to do so as well, but that’d be the quickest way to find out.)

    Hope that helps!

  5. Okay, I ordered my book, it took me to the resturant site but then there was a computer error. When I went back, it wants to charge me $10. How do I get this corrected? I can’t find anything that addresses it!

  6. Awesome, Mir! Have I told you lately how very Pretty you are? I got a book for myself and a gift certificate for a restaurant we enjoy. And it appears that there is no limit on the offer, so I can go back and purchase more for Christmas gifts and get more gift certificates! Rock!

  7. Theoretically I like these coupon books, but as a single person I have trouble taking advantage of many of the restaurant coupons because they all seem to be “buy one entree get one free” and you often have to dine in to use them. Really, I’m not *that* hungry. If you’re usually one half of a pair, it’s a great deal, though. Guess I’d better go make some more friends, someone just gave me the ’08 version for my city!

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