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By Mir
October 26, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I am too tired from this week even to go the extra mile required for a pithy title. Now that is saying something.

Regardless, I shall rally for the Amazon Friday Sale, because I am a trooper like that.

The fact that these HyLoft bins are 69% off and described as “hammertone” now has me humming “Can’t Touch This.” You’re welcome.

Need some luxury bath towels for a not-so-luxury price?

This red Kong is a good filler if you’re needing a little something to get your order up over $25 for free shipping, plus it’s a must-have if you like to torment your dog. (Stuff it with peanut butter and watch him go crazy. Yeah, I’m that sort of pet owner; rather, I was when I still had a dog.) (Hey, at least I used to take care of my dog. With this automatic pet dish you don’t have to pay any attention at all!)

Need some solar lights for your driveway or walkway?

What I want to know is, will this Euro Pro sewing machine make me hate sewing less? Because I would pay for that.

Going camping? Or just always very cold? You need some fleece sheets. Toasty!

Oh look; my Apollo GoLite is on sale again. If you or someone in your family suffers from SAD, I cannot recommend this light highly enough. It was worth every penny for us, and replaced my old-style light box which was a giant behemoth. This sits on the edge of the kitchen table, out of the way, and has a program for me and a program for my daughter. I love it.

If you buy one of these, I want a video of you using it. Wait, no I don’t. Yes, I do.

Still need an ice cream maker? This is the one I used to own (that was broken in my move). It’s a great machine. (Now I sort of wish I hadn’t replaced mine with the Cuisinart one, but we’ve had ice cream a bunch of times since I did, so I’ll try not to complain.)

The holidays are coming, and this McMuffin machine that was so hot last year is now half price (and has 237 overwhelmingly positive reviews). I tell you what—they throw in a butler with that and I’m sold.

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. the lights link is screwed up. just FYI.

  2. I’m looking for some towels for a gift but I’m concerned about the reviews on these. Should I just be patient?

  3. Thanks, Abbey. All fixed.

    M: Even though there are some negative reviews, overall with 4 out of 5 stars I generally feel pretty confident about a product. Amazon’s customer service is such that if you order them and they’re awful (even after a wash or two) they would still take them back.

  4. Oooh, fleece sheets. Those look yummy. I’ve got two weddings I need to buy gifts for… somehow I think these would be a great gift for the couple living in Baltimore, but that I should keep looking for something else to give the couple in Sarasota.

  5. Fleece sheets — my daughter loves flannel sheets. I’ll bet she’d like these. Her birthday is in December, and then there’s Christmas….

  6. Better than a neti pot — I like the Standard Sinus Rinse Regular Bottle – 8 oz., by Neilmed. $2.99 at Amazon

    Love it. Keeps me out of the doctor’s office.

  7. Do NOT knock the Neti Pot. Actually, I use a teensy tea pot. But don’t knock it.

  8. how sad is it that I don’t realize it’s friday until I come here? yeesh.

    And by the way, if you want the Kong and the Sheets, you’re off $25 by 2 cents. yeesh. I had that happen the other day, too – off by 2 cents. I think Amazon needs to have some penny candy for sale for things like that.

    thanks for finding everything. and for helping me remember we need to go trick or treating at my husband’s work in an hour…

  9. Thank you pretty Mir! I got my daughter some warm sheets for her cold room, and got my hubby’s christmas gift earlier than I ever have before (not the neti). LOL

  10. So…I was so curious about the Neti pot I had to check it out, and found one of the funniest typos ever (look in the description)

    “This gentle and effective technique of nasal irritation is widely recommended by health practitioners worldwide as a wonderful way to improve your overall feeling of well-being and maintain radiant, vibrant health.”

    oops. back to the drawing board, Amazon…

  11. I already own a Neti pot, they’re not that bad. Yes, it sounds really weird, but it clears out your sinuses like no other. I use it when my seasonal allergies and sinuses get so bad that OTC’s can’t help. I get really really bad sinus headaches that are solved 99% of the time with my Neti pot.

    Maybe I should make a video. That would be cool.

  12. OK, so I’m going to go ahead and buy the towels, even though cream is the only color for 23.99 — white is $6 more. And I KNOW you just posted about where to register your purchase to be automatically notified if the price drops, but I can’t find that right now. So would somebody humor me and be kind enough to help me out? It’s been a rough week…

  13. Oh never mind, I found it now! Brain has gone to mush…

  14. M:
    I could sure use that information on how to register your purchase to be automatically notified if the price drops. Please share. Thanks!

  15. bogartg-
    I think the very pretty Mir had the link in her post about buying snacks from Amazon on Oct. 11 if you want to find it that way

  16. Pretty, pretty people here! Thanks, M!

  17. I’m sure the Neti Pot is awesome and all, but I couldn’t help laughing at the thought of someone buying one of them from the ‘used’ list on that page. Yikes.

  18. Thank you so much, pretty Mir! I just ordered the ice cream maker… I’ve been wanting it for years but could never justify the money. $28 and free shipping is too good to pass up : )

  19. A USED Neti pot!? Eewwww!

  20. I must be the only one without a life, because I was unreasonably excited about the McMuffin maker. My son wanted one last year and we couldn’t find them anywhere!

    Thanks, Mir!

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