It’s a bonus 3-day O-Day

By Mir
October 29, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Again, I cannot help pointing out that I hate that they call this O-Day, as O-Day always lasts three days. But I will overlook this foible (except for talking about it just now, oops) because there are excellent savings involved. So.

Now through Wednesday, October 31st, enjoy O-Day savings of 7% off your entire order and $1 shipping at Overstock through that there link. The last few times they did O-Day it was over a weekend, so this is sort of an unexpected treat, as well as a better coupon than the Weekender was if you’re looking to buy something relatively small.

Enjoy your O-Day!


  1. once again it seems that Overstock is getting picky with their $1 shipping deal…doesn’t seem to be working on video games and dvds…wonder why?

  2. I’m sorry, Steph, that’s my fault; actually none of their shipping coupons apply to media items. I should’ve clarified. (Media shipping is pretty cheap, though….)

  3. no problem! I know their shipping is cheap anyway…I just bought some wii games and accessories but always looking to save a buck!

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