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By Mir
November 29, 2007

Okay, this is a deal only in the sense that it’s 50% off, not in the sense that it’s actually cheap. Still, if you are as charmed by this Lego holiday trainicon as I am, now would be the time to grab it… it’s marked down to $44.98.

I’m done shopping for my kids, but if my son found this under the tree I’m pretty sure he would become delirious with glee.


  1. It’s adorable, but here’s a dumb question–is this something you build/assemble in the Lego sense? Or is it just Lego-looking but always intact?

  2. It claims to have 965 pieces, so I think you build it like a regular Lego thing.

  3. It is a building kit just like regular Legos. However, it is a lot simpler than you’d think from the picture. It has a lot of specialty (weird shaped) pieces that make it go together fast. Also, you can buy another kit with track and a motor that will make it go.

  4. Oh man, is this tempting. My Lego-loving husband was just saying yesterday that he’d love to have some holiday-themed Legos to put together and display every year…

    …but I’ve already got a fancy Batmobile set I bought this summer when you posted another 50% off deal!

  5. Is there any way to get free shipping with this, or is that just being too hopeful?

  6. Too hopeful, you cannot combine any discounts at Lego. In fact, if you use your Brickmaster card, you can’t even get some fo the clearance deals at all. They will show up regular price until you log out and try again as a guest.

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