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By Mir
December 3, 2007
Category Product Talk

I doubt very many of us will be picking up any pocket-sized gifts that cost $200, but I just had to say that I just went and looked at this PictureBook Pocket Digital Photo Album over at Brookstone and I may be drooling just a little. Grandma’s Brag Book goes high tech! That’s a nifty little piece of technology, right there.

Digital picture frames are slooooowly coming down in price. Hopefully in a few years a little gem like this will only be $50 or so.

(And, hey, if you’re made of money and decide to get one? You can use coupon code AF5DEC for $10 off $125+ or coupon code AF7DEC for $25 off $250+ through the end of the year.) (Also, if you’re buying one, I’d like to be on your Christmas list.)


  1. I saw this in the airport yesterday and thought it was a decent (though not on sale) price for a pocket sized photo frame….just an option that is $40.

  2. Whoops, I screwed up trying to embed your link, Patricia… here it is. Thanks!

  3. Mir, I actually saw that at Brookstone in Atlanta this weekend and SO WANTED IT. The clarity was amazing, and I was so sad when they told me it was $200.00. If anyone spends that much on parents or inlaws, it is the perfect gift in my opinion.

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