Because I know you have that gift card

By Mir
December 6, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

If you haven’t yet spent your free $20 Dale & Thomas gift card that you got a while back, now’s the time to go shop; through December 9th, 2007, you can get free shipping on two or more items with coupon code HOLIDAYFS.

It’s nearly time for me to pack up the remainder of the popcorn I ordered last time and pass it out as teacher gifts. Thank goodness. (Did I tell you I ate an entire bag one night during the 3-day web hosting fiasco? Because I totally did. My old hosting provider is responsible for my pants being too tight, I tell you.)


  1. Boo hoo. I signed up for that gift card, but never got it. I guess I just have to dream of eating their yummy popcorn.

  2. If you go check your local Walgreens, they have Indiana Popcorn boxes for $7.99 that include a $20 Dale & Thomas card. The card expires 3/31/08. Not a bad deal, you get 4 bags of Indiana popcorn, sample of D & T, popcorn container AND a $20 gift card for $8.

  3. I never got mine, either! Wahhh!

  4. Folks, I’ve been emailing people individually, but a general FYI: If for some reason you responded to that promo but never got your card, email customer service and (nicely) ask about it! Their CS is excellent and if you can produce the original email I’m sure they will still fulfill your request.

  5. Aw, man.

    I just got rid of a bunch of old e-mail. As I did it, I thought, “Even though I haven’t needed any of this in ages, because I’m getting rid of it, I’ll need it next week.”


    (No, I didn’t get the gift card, either. Sigh.)

  6. Aww, I’m feeling lucky now, since I actually got and used my card.

  7. Mine went to junk mail. That could be the problem.

  8. Pretty Mir told me to contact D&T when I didn’t get my card. I emailed them and they got right back to me and sent me a coupon code pronto…didn’t even need to produce the original email. Very helpful. Now I just have to decide what to get…..

  9. My cousin brought this stuff to last year’s holiday party. It was AMAZING!! Now I wish I’d started reading your blog sooner because, as amazing as it is, it’s too expensive for me this year. Still… Yum!

  10. sweet! i’ve been hoping they’d run a holiday special of some sort, so i’ve been sitting on my card. off to spend it! 🙂

  11. I e-mailed, and got a reply to send a letter to them and they’ll send me a gift card. Not in time for the holidays or this special, but free delicious popcorn is free delicious popcorn!

  12. Didn’t get my card either…but now I’m wishing I had a Walgreens! 😉

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