Even more Amazon markdown madness

By Mir
December 9, 2007

If you have a creative kid, I just love these Creations by You kits. We’ve done the storybook one and it’s loads of fun. Anyway, check out those markdowns! Looks like they’re all 40% – 65% off, so it’s just a matter of picking your craft. Want a museum poster? How about a photo book? Or maybe a wall clock. These make great items for the gift closet, too.

Tired of toys? Yeah, me too. How about some cookies, er, cookie sheets? They’re eligible for the buy 3 get 1 free promo, too! (I’m ordering four right now. My cookie sheets are older than my children.)

The fact that this Mikasa dish is 78% off is really secondary to the fact that they call it a “footed bon bon” and that’s a lot of fun to say. Footed bon bon! Footed bon bon! (Fill it with candy for a teacher gift, and try not to keep blurting out “footed bon bon!” when you give it. You’re welcome.)

I have this comforter and sometimes I make out with it when my husband isn’t looking. It is the warmest and best purchase I ever made. If you don’t do down (I don’t; I’m allergic) one of these down alternative jobbies is the next best thing. I want to say that it’s perfect for winter—and it is—but degrees out right now. So wrong.

Oh! And! The Amazon Gold Box deal today is a KitchenAid stand mixer for $109.99. (Thanks, Heidi!)


  1. Thank you so much, pretty Mir, for pointing out all these great deals, and also for telling me (me, personally!) about the Amazon price drop policy. Your blog is where I learned about it. I used to just wince when I bought something and the price dropped right away. I was young and foolish! Browsing the Mikasa dish you linked today, I noticed the price on the Mikasa Winter Dreams platter you linked the other day has dropped from $14.99 to $11.99. I ordered two, so I just saved $6 thanks to you!

  2. You have a WHITE comforter? With kids??? Please tell me you also have a duvet cover or something, or I will cry over my complete inability to keep anything in my house clean. If I even *thought* about a white comforter, it would get dirty!

  3. Ahahahahaha… TC, that’s meant to be used with a duvet cover, yes! Of COURSE! Then you can whip the cover off and wash it as needed, easy peasy.

  4. Ha ha, footed bon bon. Am I the only one who thought of Ricky Martin’s “Shake Your Bon Bon, Shake Your Bon Bon?” 🙂

    Duvet covers are awesome. You can also make your own out of two flat sheets.

  5. I know you were talking up the Garmin c330 GPS three weeks or so ago. However, today Amazon has the much newer and smaller nuvi 200 for $169.99, with free shipping. It wasn’t that cheap on Black Friday. The 200 doesn’t have maps for Canada and Alaska like the c330, but otherwise seems to improve upon the older unit in every way.

  6. Thank you, thank you. The creations by you items are just what I have been looking for. Even better at that price.

  7. I cannot tell you how many of my Amazon purchases you are directly responsible for this past week! At least when the Visa bill comes I can say, “It’s Mir’s fault!” 🙂

    I have the comforter in my cart. I did my version of an extensive internet search for a proper duvet for it and came up with nada. Zilch.

    Oh pretty, pretty Mir… can you point me toward a site that has relatively inexpensive duvets that won’t fall apart and/or fade the first time I wash it?

    I can’t justify “proceed to checkout” until I know how I’m going to cover it….

  8. Where can I get a great deal on an electric blanket for me poor college student in a poorly heated apt? It’s for my son & it doesn’t have to be bought before Christmas if you think the prices will drop after. Any good advice?

    And can you tell me why I keep checking your site multiple times a day now that I’ve found it? Is it part of the “Disease” you spread once a victim logs onto this thing? Because I have truly noticed that nothing changes until tomorrow morning!

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