Toasty warm

By Mir
December 12, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Ahhh… nice and toasty. I could be talking about flannel, I guess, but actually I’m talking about the Georgia weather. 74 degrees, people. In December. The cognitive dissonance is making my head hurt.

Oh, alright. Let’s talk about flannel, instead. I know we took a look at flannel duvet covers the other day, but I realized I hadn’t pointed out any coordinating flannel sheets. Me, I like sheets in solid colors (and then covers in patterns), possibly because I’m just weird that way, but also because sheets take more abuse and washing and I just think solids hold up better. If you want solid flannel sheets, check out these ones, because the reviews are—amazingly—excellent, and it just doesn’t get any cheaper than that. I mean, really. A king sheet set for $14.99? It brings a little tear to my eye.


  1. Oooo…I might just make a duvet cover out of those (need to check on sizes though). Gotta grab some lunch first. And if you buy a few, you can get the free magazine or rebate for that (as pretty Mir taught us) making it even a better deal! 🙂

    Thank you!

  2. I bought some Eddie Bauer flannel sheets at Linens and things and I am so warm in them. I keep wondering if I’m actually having hot flashes.

  3. Don’t mock people with your 74 degrees. My low today is 12 my high today is 24. Its just mean to throw that in people’s faces. Please…if we hadn’t had a heat wave up to right at 40 last week my hose would still be frozen solid in my front yard. Thank heaven for small favors right?

  4. You linked those sheets last week (or the week before?) and I bought them for $10 more! I hope I get the rebate – I alerted Amazon!

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