Another big sale at Crazy 8

By Mir
December 19, 2007

They’ve slashed prices over at Crazy 8 once again, and—as always—shipping is absolutely free.

I have to tell you, I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by this store. I ordered a couple of shirts when they first came on the scene and was astounded by the quality when they arrived. They fabrics are colorful and thick and so far the pieces have stood up well to washing (not a lot of shrinkage, etc.). They are fast replacing The Children’s Place as my go-to kids’ clothing store of choice.

Why yes, I did just buy my son another batch of shirts. What, was I expected to be able to resist this?


  1. my darling-
    link no worky! 🙁


  2. I think I fixed it, Janet. 🙂

  3. Linky still not working, I get page not found 🙁

  4. Okay, I have no idea why this isn’t working, to link the shirt directly. Hmph! Regardless, if you search on the word “animal” you’ll see the red “Little Animal” shirt which features a skunk and the words SILENT BUT DEADLY.

    Yes, I’m actually a 10-year-old boy.

  5. Perfect! Thanks pretty Mir.

  6. I wanted to thank you for turning me on to this store a couple of weeks ago. Since your first link, I’ve spent a grand total of $115 (3 orders) and gotten around 25 items. Unheard of!!

    Like you, I fully expected to receive less than top quality clothing…but how wrong we were! Everything fits perfectly, does not appear to shrink, and the fabric is sooooo soft!

    I just placed another order…$37 (shipped) for 8 items. I love you. I really, really do.

  7. Have anyone tried their jeans on a skinny skinny kid? Their slim sizes are mostly sold out, and a regular size can sometimes work for us…and sometimes regardless of adjustment hangs off him like a sail.

  8. Crazy 8 has great stuff. I have purchased tons from both their online store and their B and M store. Their stuff is very good quality. Their toddler jeans are oh so soft too, I was surprised how soft their jeans were compared to other jeans.

    I have to say that I’m not a big fan of Children’s Place. Their stuff looks and feels cheap to me :(.

    Ani, my daughter is definitely on the skinny/small side (she’s a toddler though so the sizing is probably different) and I haven’t had any problems with the fit of their clothing.

  9. Wowsa – cool! I’ve never even heard of this store. Now, my dd has WAY too many clothes already (um, $5 for a garbage bag full at the end of the local mom’s group sale?), but could use some mittens. Why hit Target when I can get them for under $4 shipped while sitting on my butt?

  10. Speaking of “Crazy” 8…am I crazy? I keep trying to place an order, but it won’t let me get beyond the “Review Order” page! I’ve tried four times now, and my account info says I don’t have any pending orders, so I don’t think the order has placed, but I can’t get the “Confirmation” screen to come up. I’ve emailed them, but haven’t gotten any response.

    Anyone out there know what’s going on? What am I doing wrong?

  11. Everything went through fine for me — no problem. They look like nice quality things, so I’m looking forward to receiving them.

  12. *phew* I got a lovely and quick response from Customer Service at Crazy 8, and their email gave me the idea of using Internet Explorer instead of Firefox. That worked! I’m looking forward to giving the adorable raccoon-emblazoned onesie and fleece pants to our friends’ son! 🙂

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