Vow to leave your dentist poor in 2008

By Mir
December 27, 2007

I believe in life, liberty, justice, and the pursuit of really clean teeth. Just ask anyone.

Once upon a time I asked my dentist if those fancy electric toothbrushes really work, and he told me that they absolutely do… provided that you shell out the money for a good one. Me, I have an Ultrasonex that I got on a great deal, and my teeth are pretty happy.

One of the latest and greatest in the war against plaque is the Oral B Triumph 9900. Right now it’s down to $99.99 (regularly $150) at Amazon, and there’s also a $10 rebate available.

What’s more, if you spend a total of $129 on select Braun and Oral B products, you’ll receive a $50 certificate towards a future Amazon purchase. That’s not even counting all of the money you won’t have to give the dentist this year….


  1. My dentist says that they’re really good too. He’s always telling me to invest in one since I never floss.

  2. Consumer Reports did a study on electric toothbrushes and found that the cheapies were just as good as the expensive ones. I don’t know why dentists say otherwise, but I do know my dentists always seem to have “partnerships” with various companies (that’s where the free small-size toothpaste comes from) and I wonder if that’s related.

  3. My dentist told me that the cheap ones are just as good. I wonder if he reads Consumer Reports or did his own research?

  4. FWIW, the RotaDent, which is sold only at dentists, commonly sells for about $80. But it comes with a lifetime warranty, which even covers the built-in battery. Replacement heads are $8, compared to the $20 plus for replacement heads for the nicer Philips models. The head is very similar to the pneumatic tooth polisher they use during your cleaning.

    I have one, and it’s really nice.

  5. Just my 2 cents, I’ve always bought my kids the electric cheapies and the hygenists always remark that they have no plaque build-up. They’ve each avoided cavities so far…I think it’s the toothbrush.

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