And what have you gotten lately?

By Mir
January 14, 2008

It’s been a while since I asked folks to offer up the deals they scored recently. Whether it’s something you got through a tip here—in which case, yay, and also, feel free to compliment me—or something great you scored on your own, let’s bask in the glory of the almighty bargain together.

I have two goodies from last week to share (and not much else, because I have cut way back on my shopping this month): I used the coupon linked here to get a new house plant for $.40 from Lowe’s (here my husband interrupts to point out that technically, he bought the plant, and then I counter with the declaration that not only did I get a cheap plant, I didn’t even have to step foot in Lowe’s to do it!); and a quick trip to Target to check out the toy clearance yielded this hydrogen car kit for just $19 (and Santa doesn’t have to shop for my son next year).



  1. Can I offer my own deal? I sell Tupperware and this month the Modular Mates are on sale. They usually only go on sale once a year. I am offering free shipping on your whole order if you buy the Modular Mate Tower (which is already 50% off)

    I have to place the order for you for you to get the free shipping, but it will go straight to your home. Feel free to contact me for details.
    jenminson @ gmail .com

  2. I snagged one of the white KitchenAid mixers this morning! Right now at Kohl’s they are $359 and mine today, including shipping and the rebate you mentioned, was $159. This was the first time I used your tips, which I check daily. I did buy two Hanna Andersson dresses for me during the 60% off sale. My friends often wonder how I get such bargains. I think being in the stores/on the internet and looking only at the sale or clearance allows you to only buy things when they are bargains. Thanks so much!

  3. I’ve been scoring BIG at CVS with their Extra Care Bucks and online printable coupons…last week I got $76 worth of stuff (that I needed and use!)and with the stuff on sale and coupons it came down to a little over $50 and I had two CVS gift cards (that I got for transferring presecriptions) so I paid NOTHING plus I got an additional nearly $25 in Extra Care Bucks from items that I purschased that day to use on my next trip!
    here’s a terrific site to help you learn how to get started using the CVS ECG system!

  4. almost forgot…I got an email today from Kohls and they cancelled my order for those great beach towels…said they were out of inventory!

  5. Ooh, I’ll share. I took care of my kids’ Valentine’s gift.

    At JC Penney this weekend, a $15 Build-A-Bear-Workshop bear was clearanced at $4.19. They’re unclothed, but come with a $5 off coupon for an outfit at any Build-a-Bear Workshop. There’s one in the nearby tourist mecca, so I figure we’ll give them the bear on v-day, then take them there for ice cream and outfit selection. My two-year-old will completely love the afternoon, I’m sure.

  6. Mir, I have been invited at a birthday party for my coworkers son who is turning 2. Do you have any suggestions on a good gift and any good deals?

  7. I registered on the Learn2Grow site, and I’m really excited about all it has to offer….but I can’t for the life of me find the coupon. Advice? I have another $10 coupon for Lowe’s and I’d love to go there with both at once and walk out with something to keep the winter doldrums at bay…

  8. I did the deal for the last month or so at Target on Huggies diapers. Target had coupons for $3 off 2 Huggies products and I was able to combine those with 2 manufacturer’s coupons on each transaction. So I used them for wipes and bath products. By the time the Target coupons expired I had gotten 11 bottles of Huggies Baby Wash and 53 boxes of Huggies Baby Wipes for just under $15 total.

  9. Oh, one more I wanted to share! Last weekend when there were so many coupons in the newspaper (I bought extra papers that day) I got the coupons for Electrasol and protein bars from Met-Rx and Pure Protein. Target had Electrasol Gel Tabs on sale for $2.66 a box so with my coupons I was able to get 5 boxes for $0.41 each. My local grocery store had the protein bars on sale for $1 each and with the coupons I was able to get 32 protein bars for $3 total. That was a great feeling, especially since I have a hard time keeping meat down when I’m pregnant and protein bars keep me going.

  10. I haven’t taken advantage of anything this month. (Though I did try to pick up that car seat and it shot back up to $49.99. I wish I would have checked sooner!!!)

    I have to tell you, your website saved me a TON of money buying Christmas gifts for my kids. Several of the items I ended up paying 50% or less than what I originally expected to pay. So, a BIG thank you Mir for doing this!

    That Kitchen Aid Mixer is calling my name, but I have put myself on restriction. Though I am considering “accidently” dropping my 20 year old Sunbeam to justify a new purchase.

    Thanks again Mir! Keep up the good work!

  11. Our grocery store had Peter Pan peanut butter on sale for 88 cents, and I had two coupons for $1 off. The cashier was very confused when “-.24” popped up on the register’s screen. He had to ask the manager what to do. Sadly, the manager opted not to give us 24 cents to take their peanut butter. But still! Free peanut butter!

  12. I got so many Christmas presents, mostly from Amazon, thank you!
    I got the Blue Man Group keyboard which is a total hit, and the kids haven’t even taken it off the “try it out” switch. They dance like maniacs – it’s back up to $80 and I got it for $20. Megablok kits for

  13. I echo “Steph” on both things she said.

    I have entered the money-saving world of CVS Pharmacy. is a great website for those of you who are wanting to cut your grocery bills way down.

    And like Steph, I also got an email from Kohl’s that my towel order was cancelled as well. That’s a bummer. Did anyone actually get theirs?

  14. Oops! I meant to say

  15. Nicole, you could probably have gotten the 24 cents back if you had been buying something else that day at the grocery store. I’ve had that happen to me many times.

  16. I just received the two 2 GB jump drives in the mail today. The last one I bought for myself was 512 MB and I spent about $50 on it. I was amazed to get these for just $10 for both! I appreciate the heads up on the deal and now I can back up all my school files.

  17. I filled out a survey some time back for Barilla (pasta/sauce) and they sent a years worth of coupons for one free sauce/one free pasta choice) per month. Free is always good and appreciated. 😀

    I would love to know where people get their store coupons – just a Sunday (or Saturday) paper and inserts? If so – I will start subscribing to the weekend paper…


  18. I ran to Target when you shared their Christmas clearance sale and got all the wrapping stuff plus a stocking hanger for a family of 5 for a grand total of about $6. The hanger was normally $30, but it was 90% off. Suuuwwweeet.

    Honestly, Chris over at trenches as ruined me. I’m trying really hard not to buy right now. Notice I’m still coming here though. That’s how pretty you are.

  19. Nicole, you should have gotten the 24 cents back. When the store send in your coupon for $1 to the manufacturer, they’ll get the full $1 back, thus making a profit on your coupon.

  20. Let’s see, I got a 2 gig flash thumb drive – a really good brand, according to him – for my husband for $15 shipped from That was good.

    Then, of course, all your pretty Christmas deals are always great. My favorite was what I got was from Toys R Us. Cyber Monday brought me to thinking my son needed the GeoTrax Rail and Road System that he had been asking for. $50 for the main set ($52 at Target. Ha!), $10 for an extra train that in turn gave me $10 off the main set making my total $50 for both. Then the main set came with an extra bonus truck and some other stuff. Shipping was steep at $12, but I paid with PayPal and got $13 and change back from them because of a special promotion so $49 for about $65 worth of stuff, delivered. I was so happy.

  21. Well, I have gone nuts on Crazy 8 (thanks to you) and love love love it. I’ve saved a butt-load (which is a LOT) and established a surplus wardrobe for my boy.

    My favorite bargain shopping tip: Don’t be afraid to shop the clearance racks in the Men’s department. A lot of shirts and sweaters are metrosexual and let’s face it…Men’s clothing is cheaper, especially on clearance. Yesterday, I got a sweet pink button down shirt and a thin sweater for $8.00 total. Throw some jewelry on, and people have no idea. 🙂

  22. Since the glory of holiday shopping, the Target toy clearance from last week netted my greatest deals. It was even better because it was by chance. I stopped in for contact solution and came out with (cough, cough) 200$ of toys. But the DEALS! The playmobile pirate ship (30$ full price) for 7$; Lego Aqua Raider Rescue (60$ set!) for 17$; Lego Racers Nitro Muscle (50$ set!) for 12$; playmobile nativity set for 4$! I even stocked up on some great finds for the gift closet – National Geographic remote control spiders (17$ full price) for 4$; walkie talkies for 3$; and remote control snake for 4$! And I even covered gift closet finds for girls with the disney pop up playset (20$ full price) for 4$ and the littlest pet shop playset (40$ full price) for 5$!!! I even got my two star wars fanatic boys r2d2 lap tops (20$ full price) for 5$ (easter basket!).

    It was so much fun and I am still excited about it! But of course, I had sworn off shopping before this little binge, but how could I have said no to such deals? (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

  23. I picked up one of the Antec computer notebook coolers from through your recent tip. It was $27.99, but as you stated, there was a $20 rebate. When I went to purchase it, they also offered me a free magazine subscription, which I opted out of and sent in the rebate form to get the $10 instead (per another tip from your site!). So, they’re basically paying me $3 to give the computer cooler a shot. Now that’s a deal!

  24. I hit the Target after holiday sales as well, and scored some major deals. Besides getting all of the wrapping supplies and greeting cards I will need next year for next to nothing I got a fantastic corkscrew set for about 2 bucks (because it was in a red box), a table runner that matches my bed spread for less than $5 (because the tag said “holiday”) that I put on my scarred dresser top, and the best score was a 7 foot fake xmas tree for $25 (down from $100)! Considering it is replacing a ragged 4 foot one I bought for $10 years ago at D0llar General, I am doing pretty well on trees. This one is definitely a lot prettier!

  25. Remember the big discussion about bed covering and you recommended that down alternative duvet from Amazon? Well, I left it in my shopping cart too long and it was sold out. But I noticed one of their affliate sellers had the same thing for $15.99, so I took a chance. It’s the same great duvet and it only cost me about $19 altogether! So thanks a ton for that one! Today, wandering throught BB&B I found a duvet cover on clearance for $34.99, so my whole bed is updated for just over $50.

  26. A while back I got those free pearls from Overstock. They sent them twice because the first took so long. I like wearing them with a longer chain, since they are a choker, and every time I put them on I feel pretty AND smart.

    I know this isn’t exactly your blogoniche, but I thought you might be proud that I scored a like-new train table with two drawers for my toddler for $50 on Craigslist. Best deal ever for his birthday this weekend! (If you have a Thomas fan, check out for slightly less ridiculously expensive trains.)

    I’m also trying out and I didn’t know the first thing about them before reading you.

    Hey, do you have any tips on finding a steal on a hotel? Next weekend the grandparents are taking the kiddo and we want to run away somewhere (anywhere within a few hours of Portland, Oregon) for a night.

    Thank you, you are indeed very pretty.

  27. I just got a 4GB Kingston jump drive for $14 and change after applying the $10 google checkout discount at Unfortunately, today it dropped from $24.95 to $19.95, meaning I could have saved $5 more, so thanks to all my time reading WantNot, I went after them to honor their lowest price/price match. Unfortunately, won’t price match themselves (they’ll price match other sites within 3 days) and really won’t do it when they already gave you free shipping, but thanks to you I asked! (And still, $14.95 ain’t bad for a 4GB name brand jump drive…) 🙂

  28. I’d already shared this w/Mir a few weeks ago but I thought I’d share it again. About 18 months ago, I purchased a stand mixer by Jenn-Air called the Jen Air Atrezzi. The mixers retailed at about $350 and were very attractive and had good reviews. I read somewhere that they were phasing them out so I purchased one at a closeout price of $80.

    Well, a couple of weeks ago, I was using it and it shorted out. B/c they no longer make them, I called Jenn-Air and it turns out that they are owned by Kitchen Aid! I told them my predicament and they agreed to extend the warranty and send me a brand new Kitchenaid stand mixer instead (b/c they no longer make mine). And, they asked me which color I wanted so of course I picked stainless– which is about $50 more expensive. I just got it in the mail and it is beautiful– all for $80 initially.

    I also did very well with those Huggies and CVS battery coupons in weeks past. I bought $165 worth of Huggies wipes for less than $10 at Target, and $75 worth of batteries at CVS for $6 (and, I even managed to get CVS to give me back $.75 on one transaction b/c of a manufacturer’s coupon).

    Gotta love it!

  29. I bought those wonderful Mikasa Winter crystal platters and bowls from Amazon for $8 apiece. I sure looked like a big spender when I gifted people with those! I also got stocking stuffers for my daughter – a Tamagotchi for $3 and a Tooth Tunes (which ALL the 7th graders want) for $10. There were many things I cannot remember, which were all great deals, and all procured by coming to your site and catching the Amazon sales. Never would have found them on my own. Mir, you’re the best and prettiest!

    *squeee!* 😉

  30. At Christmas I got tons of different toys for $4-$12 at Amazon. All stuff that is now $18 to $35. My son wanted the optimus prime transformer, it was sold out everywhere, and I found one at Walmart for $70. But I kept watching on Amazon and I found it one Sat. morning for $40. It came the day before Christmas! My other son got another transformer that you listed earlier in the fall, it was $50 marked down to $25 with free shipping.

    I got tons of Learning Resources stuff for 80% or more off, also some of the megablocks pirate stuff for a song. I got the little people camping set, which I’d paid $20 for at Kohl’s, for $8.40.

    My daughter’s all set for her 3rd birthday this summer. I got her that play along doll with all three clothing/accessory sets for a total of about $15, plus I got her that Madame Alexander bunny coat doll for $13.50, and the radio flyer pedal car for $57 (it’s been about $100 ever since)

    I’ve also got some cute stuff for my son’s 8th birthday this may, a k’nex car building set that I got for $7 (now $20+).

    It goes on and on. I should just give you my amazon password so you can look for yourself, it was awesome!

  31. Target after Christmas clearance: new tree stand for 8 ft tree: $1.19.

    JCPenney winter clearance YESTERDAY: boys winter coats: $12!!! Arizona, Nike, and some Columbia all $12. Other slightly lighter weight Arizona boys jackets: $6!!! Boys flannel-y classic style PJ’s: $3,4,&5/set. Double sets of PJ’s thermal style, some character: $6. Girls chenille crew sweater tops: $3!!!!! It was a glorious trip to JCPenney’s

  32. Ditto on Steph’s comment above. I tried to order the beach towels from Kohls (my first Kohls web order). Got the email yesterday that they cancelled the order, due to lack of inventory. So how many did they really have to sell? ha ha Oh well, maybe better luck next time.

  33. I haven’t seen this Website mentioned on here yet, although maybe it was brought up before I started reading:

    It’s a promotional site for a fancier jewelry site, and it offers all sorts of jewelry for $5.99 shipped. Some of it’s gaudy but some of it’s really nice. The trick is that the pieces are only up on the site for 15 minutes at a time and then it refreshes with new pieces, so you have to keep watching and be fast. There is a preview page, though, and it can notify you when a piece you like is available. I have gotten several necklace pendants and sets of earrings and have been quite pleased.

  34. My two recent scores were from Amazon:

    1) a brand new Kitchenaid Classic Stand Mixer for Christmas for $109 with free shipping.

    2) 4 Black & Decker Dustbusters for $7.99/ea catching them marked down & on the 4 for 3 promotion. All 4 for less than the cost of one in the store, with free shipping!

    You totally took care of Christmas for us, I think every single gift I purchased was on sale, except for a particular pair of shoes from Lands End that my Dad wanted, but at least I caught free shipping for those! 😉

    Keep on doin what your doin Mir, YOU ROCK!

  35. Pretty, pretty Mir. I finally joined the legions of Americans sporting Crocs by taking advantage of the deal you recently posted. I also picked up pair of SoftWalk sandals at a great sale price. All with free shipping! Thanks so much for the deals and great advice.

  36. Well, my best deal lately is the Old Navy clearance sale this weekend 50% off all clearance prices! Kids winter coats for 11 dollars, turtlenecks for 2 and jeans/pants around 5, and online plus size clothes for me all under 10 (best deal a 39.50 cardigan for me for 8.99). Also kohls’ a few weeks ago had carters fleece pj’s for 4.61 a pair so 9 pairs of carter’s pj’s for 46.04 shipped plus I used a gift card so $0 out of pocket!

  37. Also the website someone else mentioned is a great spot for little girl birthday/holiday/all occassion gifts! I stock up my gift closet with earrings and necklaces for my daughter’s school friends–simple and inexpensive!

  38. Thank you thank you thank you for the amazing Amazon toys deals for all the kidlets in my life. The play along dolls were an especially great score, as I can now put off the AG doll frenzy for another year or so 🙂
    I did really well with the CVS battery deal.
    Target’s after Christmas sale took care of all my wrapping needs for next year, plus I got several bags of 64 cent candy, picked out the red and silver wrapped ones and will use those in my daughter’s valentines.
    One last deal, the Targets in our area had a huge section of live plants for 90% off, so I got tons of flowers and a cute Christmas tree shaped rosemary plant for practically nothing 🙂

  39. I’ve scored several things from your site in the past few months, including flannel sheets at Amazon and those fabulously priced green cotton pajamas from Garnet Hill. I read you every day now–you’re a fantastic resource!

  40. I have gotten great things from your website tips! I love it and come visit you every day, several times a day!
    Most recently, I bought the 1.99 scarves and hats you told us about at Coldwater Creek when they had free shipping and instantly had beautiful christmas gifts for all my sisters-in-law in New Jersey.
    Also, I used the deal when we got the extra coupon for the popcorn – and I ended up getting $50 worth of gourmet popcorn for $8 plus shipping along with my $75 in eating certificates for only $15.

  41. I may be a day late in this comment, but thanks to my find at Target I’m not $175 short! I got a peg perego OH stroller for $25. Retails for $200. Gotta love those end-caps:)

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