Turkey platter: Tacky or necessary?

By Mir
January 14, 2008
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I’m that person who hosts Thanksgiving dinner and then realizes that I don’t have a suitable platter for the turkey, and oh, by the way, I meant to buy a gravy boat but never did. Oops!

So I’ll confess, I’m tempted by this turkey platter seticon at Linens N Things, because it’s marked down to just $4.99 with free shipping, plus you can use coupon code 26620000008 for an additional 20% off of one item. Sure, all four pieces are shaped like turkeys and that sort of makes my eye twitch, but isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about?

(Psssst! Just a reminder, all of the Deals of the Dayicon at Linens N Things always have free shipping, not just the tacky turkeys.)


  1. Where do you all store these holiday specific items? My husband would kill me if I ordered this set since our cabinets are already stuffed to the brim.

  2. Divrchk: Good point! I keep boxes of “seasonal items” in the attic, actually, to avoid having things like turkey platters fall on my head when I’m reaching for a mixing bowl. 😉

  3. I am heavily resisting the urge to buy this. I am such a sucker “$4.99 and free shipping!? Sold!”. But do I NEED a turkey shaped platter? and is that gravy bowl a decapitated turkey?

  4. The Turkey Platter Set seems to be gone 🙁
    I actually wanted one…my husband and I hosted our first thanksgiving this past year and my mother acted like it just wasn’t thanksgiving w/o a turkey platter and gravy bowl, etc…lol

  5. Aw, maaaan!! It’s gone. I really wanted to see the decapitated turkey gravy bowl. (Perhaps I need therapy?)

  6. A large platter is certainly necessary. As for one shaped like a turkey…I don’t know. Is it something you truly will only use at thanksgiving or might you want to serve ham or prime rib or other such food at Easter,Christmas, etc? And a gravy bowl is also useful at other times of the year, says a woman who vows every year to buy a gravy boat, but has yet to actually do it.

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