New markdowns at Crazy 8

By Mir
January 17, 2008

Words really can not express how much I am digging this store; half my son’s wardrobe is now from there, because every time they mark stuff down I find “just one more thing” he needs. Heh.

Anyway, clearance just got knocked down another 20% at Crazy 8, and shipping is still free. They do seem to ship via slow boat (just so you know). And wouldn’t you know it, the jeans I was waffling about last time are even cheaper now….


  1. Maybe it’s just me and my lame server, but it seems the C8 site is jammed up something fierce.

    Everyone must have gotten their sale email at the same time…

  2. I dunno about this place. I ordered some stuff for my kids and wasn’t impressed with the quality. For that price, I didn’t expect super high quality, but it just seemed poor to me.

    Glad you’re having better luck than I did.

  3. I’ve tried no less than half a dozen times to order online from them and I get as far as ‘submit order’ and it never goes through. I’ve tried on 2 different computers. When I called customer svc. to place my order over the phone, I got an answering machine. When I sent an email describing my problem, I got a standard form back apologizing for the problem and suggesting I refresh my browser. I think they have cute boy stuff too – I just can’t get it no matter how hard I try!

  4. How do the sizes run? Are they an the small side? Good for stocky kids?

  5. Thanks for this. I just ordered three pairs of pants, two long sleeve shirts and a sweater for $40! My kids will be going to a new school next uniforms, so I need to shop for next winter.

  6. Hey Thanks! I just got 1 pair jeans, two of canvas cargo pants (all in slims so MAYBE they’ll stay on my kids hips) and four shirts for $35. Now sure, maybe I could get that cheaper if I stalked my old navy, and used my old navy card for stuff and save and bucks back. But that is a whole lot more work than shopping from the comfort of my hospital bed and not dragging two kids through the mall. I’m excited to see how this order shapes out quality wise.

  7. Great, thanks! I just ordered a TON of clothes for my 5 kids. What a great sale. I wasn’t sure on how the sizes ran so I ordered everything a variety of sizes. With 4 boys in ages ranging from 5-10 everything I ordered should fit them all! Thanks again!

  8. I just tried to submit an order and … got shifted back into my cart. Checked my email and they had sent me an email thanking me for signing up for sale emails, but I didn’t get any confirmation that my order went through!

  9. Wow – I have had the exact opposite experience – personal customer service, awesome quality, and quick shipping … maybe they’re getting in over their heads?

  10. Ooh! Ooh! I have the answer to the order problems!

    I had the same problem in December, but finally figured it out (by reading between the lines of an email from customer service). You can’t use Firefox as a browser. If you use Internet Explorer, it works.

    This solved the problem for me, anyway.

    (The customer service email was very very nice, she just didn’t note that the browser could be the issue. She told me to “refresh Internet Explorer” which gave me the idea that using Explorer could solve the problem. And it did!)

  11. Jennielynn, the clothes don’t run big. I misread their sizing before — I was looking at ages, figured that if M was ages 6-8, and my kiddo is almost 8, I should buy L so it’s a little roomy. Well, L was huge (I put it away for future growth spurts rather than return it, as everything was good quality and a good price), and M turns out to be exactly right.

  12. I have to call a WTH moment on the browser issue. Non-IE users total about 40% in this country! It’s just not acceptable to only work in one browser, especially if it’s crappy, security-raddled IE.

    And I just logged back in to Crazy8 using IE, and there is no record of my order, and my cart is empty, and what’s more — I don’t even see a shopping cart icon or link anymore. It’s totally gone, with nary a link anywhere on any page to let me into it. And now that I go through the site looking for the stuff I thought I had bought, trying to re-add and submit, it’s all out of stock just an hour later.

    Not Mir’s fault at all, but I hate this kind of ignorant handling of product and service. /end rant

  13. I just ordered no problem. And I used Firefox! Hmmmm…..

    thanks so much for the info Mir! Cute tights for 79 cents!

  14. Yeah, the individual product pages are loading reeealllly slowly, which made me miss a great deal on socks, BUT I just got about 8 items for $23 total. I’m using Safari, BTW.

  15. I just ordered using Firefox with no problem. They had the one totally random item I’ve been looking for: brown tights. For $1.49! Purple ones were 79ร‚ยข! Thanks o pretty Mir ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. *shrug* Hopefully my “switch to Explorer” fix works for someone out there. I know it worked for me! And I’m sorry people are having bad experiences–I had a great one in December!

  17. I’m using IE and have been trying to place an order for the last hour or so with no success. I am frustrated!

  18. I wonder if this is a cookies or virus-protection issue (like how some of you have trouble with my affiliate links or get warning that my site is dangerous, LOL). I’ve never had any slowness or problems ordering there at all, and I use Firefox. (On a Mac.)

  19. worked for me in firefox. first time buying the brand, but since oh-so-pretty Mir has good things to say about it, thought it was worth trying.

  20. Buy the jeans, Mir. LOTS of them. I bought my son a few pairs before Christmas and after washing them a trillion times (you know how dirty little boys can get), they still look brand new and are still nice and soft. BUY LOTS OF THE JEANS

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