Get Senseous, for less or even for FREE

By Mir
January 22, 2008

Senseo wants to hook you in to their single-cup-at-a-time way of life so badly, they’re willing to give you a nearly-free system to do it. Here’s what you do: Go on over to this survey and after filling it out, you may be emailed a chance to purchase a Senseo system for just $15 in shipping. (For reference: I believe the machine you receive is this one). Be patient—the email may take up to a week to arrive. If you get the email, you can then place an order.

The Senseo gets good reviews as a machine, but of course for us tightwads the main concern is that the “pods” it uses are, ounce for ounce, much more expensive than regular coffee. Plus, they’re not really the same as grinding your own beans, if you’re doing that. Should these concerns be on your mind, I’ll mention three options:

1) I seem to see the pods on clearance at Target quite often,
2) Reusable Eco Pads!,
3) This tutorial is both informative and hilarious.

Furthermore, my fellow frugals, I know that for some of us, even $15 seems like too much to spend. I feel you. In fact, I think we should come up with a better price. Hmmmm… let me think. Let’s see. How does free sound, instead?

One lucky Want Not reader will receive the Senseo system absolutely free because that’s how I roll, baby. To have a shot at winning, simply leave a comment on this post before 11:59 p.m. on Friday, January 25th. One comment per person, please. Winner to be determined by random drawing, so sucking up will not help you. But don’t let that stop you. Heh.

And… go!


  1. Do I get to be the first commenter? Yeah!! No need to suck up. You know we all think you’re great. 🙂

  2. I’d love to win almost as much as I love WantNot!

  3. What do you think the chances are that three will be the number?

  4. I’d love to win that! How about #4? Thanks!

  5. I want that so much. Seriously. My husband & I are on our second coffee pot and they both suck greatly. Neither one can have water poured into it or coffee poured out of it in a manner that does not cover the counter and usually the floor with some amount of whatever liquid you’re pouring. And that is not a mess I want to deal with before I’ve had any coffee…however, since it is a mess made in the process of trying to get coffee it usually has to be dealt with before drinking any coffee…unless it is a particularly bad morning and I just leave the mess until after I’ve had coffee.

  6. Coffee gadget…o fun!

  7. I can’t resist a contest, and I certainly can’t resist visiting Wantnot. My husband (the coffee drinker) would love this. Thanks Mir for making my day fun!

  8. Woo woo, what fun! I will suck up for an entry, oh beautiful Mir! 🙂

  9. Love ya, Mir! You AND your magical coffee machine.

  10. Yay.
    I need a new coffee maker to support my caffeine habit. 😀

  11. So my MIL could stop complaining that she can’t have a cup of coffee when she comes to visit us non-coffee drinkers? Count me in! Thanks!

  12. Oh how I love freebies! Thanks Mir.

  13. My caffeine addicted husband would love one of these. 🙂

  14. Yippee. Coffe is good. We started using a new computer system at work yesterday and I surely would not have survived without coffee… thanks for all your tips and this contest!

  15. I’ve been thinking of getting one of these for a while! My husband hates coffee, so one cup at a time sounds perfect to me!

  16. Oh please pick me! Sounds great for a ‘sometimes’ coffee drinker like me.

  17. I really like free…throw some free my way. An needy – have twin boys that I am trying to potty train and two teenage girls. Caffeine should be infused into my veins!

  18. oh yes please pretty Mir. Make my DH stop whining about making his coffee!!

  19. I feel horrible that I’m delurking for coffee. I’m a caffeine whore, what can I say?

  20. yay a give a way that is not for little children lol

  21. Consider me sucking up to your loveliness, and keeping my fingers crossed. Yay, random number generators!

  22. sign me up!

  23. Love the blog…oh and please, please pick me!

  24. Oh I hope you pick me. I love love love love love love coffee!!

  25. Free! Free! Pick me!

  26. Free coffee?!!! Please! Please! Please! Oh, pretty please.

  27. Must. Stop. Buying. Lattes. Winning. May. Help. Save. Marriage.

  28. Yay coffee! Double yay free coffee gadget-y machine! TRIPLE YAY FOR PRETTY GENEROUS MIR!

  29. I was just pricing these on Amazon today, hoping for one of those drastic reductions! Free or $15 would be terrific!

  30. This would help my husband “fix” his coffee in the morning when I am already gone. 🙂 Love this site!

  31. My husband would love this!

  32. Thanks for the tip on the eco-pads … they didn’t seem to tell you about that up front! A friend of mine got a single-cup coffee maker from a different brand that came with its own filter cups so you could use your own coffee, much easier!

  33. Oh! Oh! Pick me!! I heart coffee! And want not!

  34. I need this! Please pick me!!!

  35. I’d like to try this too, thanks.

  36. I bought a Senseo after Thanksgiving for $40.00 on Amazon and I love it. My favorite is the Paris coffee. It is a vanilla/hazelnut blend. I am the only one in my house that drinks coffee so it works great for me. I only make what I am going to drink.

  37. I’ll give it a whirl!

  38. Woohoo!! I would absolutely LOVE one!

  39. Very, very yummy coffee is on my daily menu. Pick me!! I want this!

  40. DH is the coffee drinker. Recently, the coffee maker died. The corner looks lonely. Can you help me fill the space with a new coffee maker pretty Mir???

  41. I would love to win. Thank you.

  42. Throwing my hat in the ring as well! Mmmm… coffee (which would go ever so well with my bacon (mmmm… bacon) in the morning.

  43. I love this site! Keep the deals a-comin!

  44. Pick me!

  45. Pick Me, Pick Me!

  46. I broke my coffee pot during a bout of shoveling-related frustration. This would be a marvellous replacement!

  47. You’re so pretty. Pretty pretty Mir. Did I mention pretty? I bet you’re even prettier after I’ve had a cup of single-serve Senseo coffee. Or at least my eyes and disposition are better which naturally makes my perception of you even prettier.

    Um, pretty.

    There. Did I suck up satisfactorily? Even if I don’t win? 🙂

  48. Since sucking up won’t be a factor, I won’t waste my time 😉

  49. first time commenter here!!!!
    Mir…you are not only pretty but skinny too!

  50. I would have more friends in for coffee if I won this! Heh!
    Thank you, pretty Mir, for the opportunity to expand my horizons and my caffeine intake.

  51. Oh pick me!!! I have always been too cheap to buy a coffee maker since I didn’t used to drink coffee all the time, but now I am in nursing school and all has changed. I NEED coffee in order to function between taking care of 3 kids (4 if you count my husband), taking care of a house, and doing the endless amount of school work required for nursing school! No one else in my house drinks it so the one cup serving would be awesome!

  52. I have been a Senseo user for nearly 3 years. This machine is great for when you want one or two cups of coffee without having to brew an entire pot. I use it alot with the Dark Roast pods to make homemade lattes. (Anyone know where I can get a steamer/frother cheap?)

    I do not recommend the EcoPads or the one they sell at WalMart because I can almost guarantee you that you will get grounds where they should not be and it will clog up your machine.Not pretty. I must say that tutorial is HYSTERICAL and I may just have to try some of that stuff out! hee hee My husband already thinks I am nuts over my Senseo. This will simply confirm it! I don’t think I own a needle and thread, though!

    Now, should you not want to wait to see if you win Mir’s contest, run and fill out that survey. I will give you a few pointers to help you get a Senseo: You have lots of friends and you entertain ALOT. People value your opinion. If you like something, you are very likely to tell all of your friends, neighbors, and passers-by.(That is what the LAST survey asked, anyway… They may have changed the questions but somehow I doubt it!)

  53. I would love to try out some free coffee 🙂
    Love the site!

  54. Oh I am sooooo excited to even have a chance! Thank you! Thanks for the wesite too.

  55. Oooooooh! yes please!

  56. coffee anytime anyplace sounds good to me

  57. Nothing better than free coffee! Thanks!

  58. sign me up!

  59. I loves me some coffee, yes I do!

  60. that would be seriously awesome!

  61. girlfriend needs some coffee!!

  62. so telling you how pretty you are won’t help here? damn.

  63. I want one too!!!

  64. Thank you! I need coffee!

  65. yo! I wanna free Senseo! There is usually no time to make coffee for myself with two kids under three in the house. Perhaps this is my salvation.

  66. I love coffee and would love to try this out! I am so due to win a giveaway.

  67. Oh yes, enter me!

  68. Ohhhhhhhhh I would love to win one of those!!!

  69. Cool. Thanks, Mir.

  70. Definitely in for this one: I’ve been wanting to try this, but don’t want to spend even $15 on a “try,” just in case we don’t like it. (We can be pretty picky about our coffee around here.) Thanks for the offer, pretty Mir!


  71. Ohhhh Coffee! I am so in. Thanks Mir!

  72. Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Thanks, Mir!!

  73. Pick me, pretty please pretty Mir.

  74. Coffee…mmm…I would love a Senseo machine!

  75. I have been incredibly jealous of the one my hubby bought for his office. It makes, bar none, the best coffee I’ve ever had from a home coffee maker. I neeeeeed to win it!

  76. I feel lucky!

  77. Me too!!

  78. I actually have one, so don’t enter me, and I LOVE it. I did the free with $15 shipping deal and it’s so worth it. If you don’t win one here it’s worth the $15. The pic you linked to looks just like the one I got.

  79. I’ll join the other 78 and see how I do.

  80. Free is my favorite price!

  81. Count me in! I love Free

  82. We had a single-serve coffee machine, and we actually did make our own pods……it actually works and is much cheaper. We also loved the fresh-ground beans when we made our own pods.

    Then our little pride-and-joy broke….alas…..I can promise a good, loving home for your little coffee maker.

  83. Woo hoo! Coffee!!

  84. You’re the best!! I’ve been wondering how Senseo is!

  85. I want to “suck me up” some coffee! Woot woot!

  86. I’m the only coffee drinker in my house! I use a 10-cup pot every day! This would be great!

  87. We’re in the midst of a move to Seattle. I can’t decide if this would be completely apropos or insulting to the bajillion or so coffee houses that will be within walking distance of our new apartment, but I want it either way!

  88. I love free stuff! And I love Want Not!

  89. Oh, wouldn’t my mother just be emerald green with envy!!! Please pull my number!

  90. I’m tired of telling people to stop at 7-11 to get their coffee. I don’t drink it and I don’t own a coffee machine. So this would be a great prize for me!!

  91. Me! Me! Pick me!

    You’re pretty.

  92. I am such a sad person….I make my coffee by the cup with the microwave coffee teabags. It would be nice to have an actual brewed cup….

  93. Winning would be great! Pick me!

  94. Enter me please! Thanks.

  95. Oooh, my hubby has been bugging me about getting one of these! He is a coffee freak, and someone at work has one. I think he covets it.=)

  96. I don’t know that my dh would ever give up on our percolator. But it would be good to have one of these at the office, so I don’t have to drink the caffeinated dishwater my co-workers try to pass off as coffee.

  97. Free stuff! I’m there!

  98. Don’t want one– I got a $15 one already– but a tip! If you win, go to and order the pods b/c they have a MUCH better selection (and much better tasting pods) than senseo. Senseo pods, IMHO, taste like burnt dishwater.

  99. Free stuff is always good. Besides, I think I’ve seen tea pods for these things, too…

  100. Count me in!!!


  101. I would love to winn 🙂
    Thanks ~

  102. Hmm, would it be cheating if I wanted to win it as a gift for someone else, as I’m the one freako on the planet who doesn’t like coffee? Unless those pods come in tea flavors, or vanilla chai or somesuch.

  103. Hmmmmm, I’m not sure if I’m going to buy one of these, but FREE sounds more like my speed! Sign me up!

  104. My husband would love you and Want Not almost as much as I do if we won this!

  105. Mmmmmmmm . . . . coffee . . . . and WantNot . . .

  106. Really need one for the office! I never win anything…but I thought I’d give it a shot. Thank you!!

  107. I LOVE these pod coffee’s. They save me from having to drink the free (and HORRIBLE) coffee at the office. I’ve resorted to using them like tea bags since my machine broke. 🙂

  108. I would love to win.
    Thanks for all of your money saving tips!

  109. I would love to win one of those. What a neat system!!

  110. I can’t believe I didn’t find you until after the holidays! Since I discivered your blog I have been a mad internet shopper-my trunk is organized, my 7 year old has new clothes…This one could be for me!

  111. This contest makes you even prettier! Me, please.

  112. You are so gorgeous and amazing, did I mention?

  113. Does this coffee machine come with an IV option?

    Enter me, please — and I’ve been noticing that you are rather pretty lately.

  114. I would love to have free coffee stuff! Especially since my work schedule is changing and my new start time will be 6 a.m. I neeeed this!

    P.S. You are so pretty!

  115. Choose me please! Read your site every day. Thanks for the deals!

  116. Free…that sounds about right. Thanks for the daily tips!

  117. free is gooood! Coffee is wonderful. WantNot and Mir are pretty and special.

  118. I Love coffee and would love free coffee even more!

  119. Love your site! You have made me into a frugal mama! Hope I win!

  120. If it’s for free, it’s for me! I love coffee almost as much as

  121. great excuse to start drinking again…coffee I mean.

  122. You are right! Free is better.

  123. Here I am, not sucking up.

  124. Post! And I don’t even drink coffee, but the spouse does.

    And can I just say that scrolling up I read All Adither’s comment, “Enter me please!” and about choked on my iced tea. She’s asking so politely. Ahem.

  125. MMMMMMM – fresh coffee! I’d love to stop drinking instant, but since I’m the only coffee drinker in the house, brewing a pot would be wasteful.

  126. I am addicted to this site and caffeine..what could be better?

  127. [waves hands] me! me! Thanks for all the great deals, Mir.

  128. Wow! I would love one of these for free!!! You are the Best, Mir!!

  129. I’m cheap and need one..for free

  130. A Senso would be nice…

  131. I can’t function without a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. A free cup of coffee would be even better!

  132. me me me


  133. Of course I’d love to win! I am still using the el cheapo coffee maker my mom bought as an emergency while visiting me 8 years ago.

  134. Coffee, nectar of the Gods to this busy working Mama of four.

  135. Frrrrreeeeee coffeeeeeee!

    Love your site!

  136. Coffee good. Free even better. Happy hubby using free Senseo best of all.

  137. Perfect for this underpaid single teacher!

  138. Love this site!!! Thanks for all the great tips!

  139. I would LOVE this!

  140. Thanks for another great offer Mir!

  141. I am only entering because I love my husband.
    And I know he would love to get rid of our other coffee pot.
    Thanks Mir!

  142. i’ve been wanting one of these since i tried a free sample at the moa!

  143. pick me!

  144. Mmmm… want coffee! =)

  145. Coffee?? Sounds good to me. I’m the only coffee drinker in my house, so a pod system certainly makes sense.

  146. Sign me up please, I just discovered your site today and I love it! Thank you for doing this!

  147. We’re on the fence about a Nespresso machine. Comparisons to the Senseo? Anybody?

  148. I’ll give it a try.

  149. How fabulous would that be….so fun.

    Thanks Mir!

  150. Did someone say coffee? Considering out cruddy luck with coffee machines I’m definitely in on this one! We’re forever having trouble with ours…. so please pick my number oh pretty, wise Mir! It’d make a great slightly late birthday present for my hubby… his birthday is the 24th!

  151. would be interested to taste the coffee from the senseo

  152. I wanna try being a pod person 🙂
    (love your site)


  153. You so rock, Mir! What a great giveaway. 🙂

  154. You rock! Because we’re pretty enough, we’re good enough, and, gosh darn it, we like this website!

  155. Oooh, me! I drink a LOT of coffee to get me through school and work and life. 😉

  156. That would be lovely to have!

  157. Seriously, it is scary how you seem to just know my wanting whims. Lately it has been this coffee machine. Wierd!

    I’m crossing my fingers.

  158. I have some friends who have this machine and they love, love, LOVE it! Believe or not, I CANNOT make a cup of coffee that tastes good — I have to go to Starbucks. I’d love this machine!


  159. Mir, You are so senseo-able, with all your great links & advice. I consider you a partner in my quest to save more. Thank you!

  160. I never win, but I’ll comment anyway….I love coffee, and the Senseo would be great for when hubs isn’t around to make my my pot, lol!

  161. There are important cancer fighting properties in coffee that I apparently need more of.. so for my health.. you should pick me 😉

  162. I LOVE coffee so I’ll throw my name into the hat, Pretty Pretty Mir!!! I do love my French Press though, but I could adapt. 🙂

  163. Pick me, pick me! I only have time for one cup of coffee in the morning, but I can’t for the life me figure out how to brew a small pot of coffee. So a whole pot of coffee (minus one cup) goes to waster. Or worse, I’m tempted by the Starbucks that’s right on the way to my son’s school 🙁 Oh well, he didn’t need that college fund anyways.

  164. mmmmmmm coffee


  165. mmmmmm…. coffee!

  166. Me? Really?

  167. I am a coffee addict and also do contract work from home so how awesome would it be to have the ability to make a cup of coffee at a time just when I need it 🙂

  168. I don’t drink coffee but hubby does…I won’t have to throw a half pot of coffee away…waste not, WANT NOT !!

  169. Oh, how fun! Please sign me up too!

  170. I want to be the weiner!pick me

  171. Oh Free is good! that is so nice of you to post this contest.

  172. Ohhh Boy! Ohh Boy! A Coffee machine!!! That would be so exciting.

  173. It would be so cool to have one! 🙂 Love your site (and your wit!)

  174. I’m from Massachusetts, and am now in Alabama. Have pity.

  175. Pick me, pick me!

  176. Sounds like something perfect for a small time coffee drinker.

  177. I’d love one!

  178. What fun! Your site is great. 🙂

  179. Mmmm, coffee…

  180. I love coffee almost as much as I love WantNot.

    And you are pretty, Mir. VERY pretty.


  181. I need coffee, its like air and water to me.

  182. mmmm free coffee

  183. Oh! You picked me? Yeah! I love coffee!

  184. If you are the only coffee drinker in your house, this could help you NOT drink a whole pot by yourself… right?

  185. Oh me please!

  186. comments for coffee!! comments for coffee!! 😉

    hope you’re staying warm, Mir!

  187. Love the site! Love the recent post about the foods we buy, and the link to the info about having a freezer. (just wish I’d read it before I bought a frost free one last week. At least it was on sale!)

  188. I’ve been drooling over these for awhile, because I’m lazy and they look perfect for lazy people, but I’m also cheap and can’t justify the purchase. However, if one was given to me, I’m sure it would be put to good use. Daily.

  189. Feel pity on me. I don’t own a coffee maker.


  190. This would be perfect for me (would I have to share with others?)

  191. 11:59 pm in which time zone?

  192. Free Senseo from Want Not? Want! Want!

  193. Oh Mir, I’ve heard that coffee helps one not eat their young…….PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 🙂

  194. Mir, makes cents and oh so pretty. Thank you for the contest!

  195. Definitely want one!

  196. I NEED this coffeemaker to make one fresh, delicious cup at a time

  197. Idon’treallyneedmorecoffeeasyoucanprobablytellandheyIthinkit’sprettycoolthatImaybethelastonetoenterthiscontestbutI’dreallyliketowinanddidImentionthatI’veneverwonanythingbeforewellexceptticketstoahockeygameoncewhen Iwasliketenyearsold.DidImentionthatIdrinkalotofcoffeeandshouldprobablynothavehadsomanycupsbeforewritingthispost?Pleasechooseme.

  198. please, please choose me. i’ve had a very stressful week and I LOVE COFFEE.

  199. yes, yes, choose me!

  200. coffee… it’s crying my name.

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