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By Mir
January 30, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I have a crank flashlight that I keep in my car, and although it’s true that it’s not as bright as a big honkin’ conventional flashlight, I love knowing that this one will always work. No more fumbling for batteries in the dark!

Kohls has several sets of LED crank flashlights on clearance right now. These make excellent stocking stuffers, by the way. Choose from red and silver, yellow and silver, or blue and silver. Each set of two flashlights is $9. Or, choose a single weatherband radio flashlight for that emergency kit, for the same price. There’s lots of other stuff on clearance too, of course.

Kohls charge card holders can use coupon code MVCsave15 for an additional 15% off, plus use coupon code MVC3678 for free shipping. If you’re not a card holder, you can use coupon code NEW5779 for 10% off and free shipping on orders over $75.


  1. I keep one of these cranky flashlights in my kitchen drawer. Because my sneaky children always manage to find my regular flashlights and then they leave them on and then they are dead to me…. So that’s another use for these. Although the car is also a VERY good place for them and now that you’ve made me think about it I’ll probably have to go and get a couple. Thanks pretty Mir!

  2. Those are a brilliant idea. (Pun intended!) Seriously, it always seems on the rare occasion that we do have a power failure that all the batteries are dead. I am picking up a few more for my emergency preparedness kit. Thanks, Pretty One!

  3. The NEW7523 code above has expired; however, non-Kohl’s card users can use NEW5779 or NEW6457 for 10% off.

  4. Thanks for the correction, Kris! 🙂

  5. I bought 2 sets. One for the cars another for an upcoming school raffle. 🙂

  6. Thanks, Pretty One of the great deals!

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