Flat Earth? Free Earth!

By Mir
February 3, 2008

Today (February 3rd, 2008) only, and only while supplies last, you can go on over to Flat Earth and get a coupon for a free full-size bag of their crisps. (Thanks, Brigitte!)

You can print your coupon and go pick ’em up and eat ’em while the Patriots pound the Giants into submission, even. Ooops! Did I say that last part out loud…?


  1. Its a little tricky with a mac you have to be using Safari.

    But thanks Mir!!!

  2. Thanks pretty Mir! We are Flat Earth fanatics!

  3. Cool! Has anyone had a problem with their grocery stores accepting printed coupons? Mine won’t so I’ll have to find these at another store. Maybe WalMart? I don’t think I’ve tried to use a printed coupon at WalMart — maybe they take them.

  4. Awesome! Thanks!

  5. I have just returned from the grocery store$$$
    I have never noticed Flat Earth chips before. In the first isle I noticed flying pigs staring at me.
    My loss….

  6. Actually, I think it’ll work past February 3rd – if there are still any coupons left! 🙂

  7. I think you need to edit the last part, your eatten your words now. Oopsy. Your still so pretty, Mir!

  8. Just got on after that fantastic game…sorry Mir…GIANTS RULE, BABY!!!!

    Going for my Flat Earth now…cuz I LOVE THOSE…the berry flavor is my favorite, with Mango Peach running a close second. And what can be better than FREE? (definitely better than 3 bucks a pop, that’s for sure!)

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