A little popcorn with your makeup

By Mir
February 6, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Courtney (a different Courtney from the last one… actually, I’ve decided to have an entire army of Courtneys as readers) was kind enough to mail in this tip: If you place an order at Eyes Lips Face this month (you know, ELF, the place where almost all of the makeup is just a buck apiece?) using coupon code EGVALHC on your $20+ purchase will also get you a $20 Dale and Thomas gift card!

Mmmmm… more popcorn. Er, I mean, more teacher gifts. Of course. (Thanks, Courtney!)


  1. Mir, I just don’t understand how you can SAVE the popcorn as teacher gifts! I must eat it. We’ll, I do share sometimes. I hope to try the Troy Aikman/Joe Buck flavors from the Super Bowl box we got, using a $20 gift card, and it came with ANOTHER $20 gift card. Not sure how they make money… 🙂 Don’t really care. Must eat popcorn.

  2. Well… not We’ll. Duh.

  3. Thanks, pretty Mir! I’m starting to run low on the gobs of popcorn that I got people to get ME for Christmas, so this will come in handy.

    (Did you see that Dale and Thomas now has peanut butter/milk chocolate popcorn? Can’t wait to try it!)

  4. Do you know what the minimum order is? 🙂

  5. Sorry, Brandi, I should’ve looked more closely at the terms before I posted it. It’s a $20 minimum, and I’ve changed the post to reflect that.

  6. Mir

    You have totally changed my life…by introducing me to Dale and Thomas. In the past, I have had a thing for Ben and Jerry, but I have always LOVED popcorn. How did live before I knew about D&T?!!

    Looks like I may need some new makeup this month…=)

  7. Teacher gifts. Teacher gifts. Repeat after me: Dale and Thomas for Teacher Gifts. (evil snicker)

  8. As a new D&T muncher I have to ask everyone…what’s your favorite flavor? I got one of their 6-pack samplers, and while it’s very good, some of them seem not quite worth it. The kettle corn is good, but it weighs a fraction of the chocolate/caramel one! The walnut toffee one is tasty, but my boyfriend commented that it tastes like boxed stuff, Munch n Crunch. Is there another super flavor that blows everyone away? 🙂

  9. Thanks!

  10. “Troy Aikman/Joe Buck flavors” !!? Eewwww!!


  11. You’re right, Brigitte, that doesn’t sound good… I should have said the flavors they created – chili sour cream and chocolate drizzled praline almond! Those sound much better than the first way I described it! 🙂

  12. My entire family is addicted to Dale & Thomas popcorn now, thanks to you, Mir! Say, has anyone tried the makeup from E.L.F.?

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