It’s good for what ails ya

By Mir
February 7, 2008

Although I love coffee (oh, how I love coffee), I also have a little love affair going on with tea. I feel much more virtuous, drinking tea, and also it occasionally causes me to put my pinky in the air while I do so.

That may have been more information than you wanted.

Anyway, I do love how there’s a tea for everything, and for everything a tea. Right now you can get some free samples from Traditional Medicinals. I don’t know if it’ll heal you of anything, but it might! And free tea is always good. (Thanks, Lisa!)


  1. All their teas taste vaguely of celery to me.

  2. yummy. Husband has bronchitis, son just recovered from an almost-ear infection, and I’m hanging onto health by my fingernails and an orange a day. Teas? Free? Yes, you bet!

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