More book steals for the kids

By Mir
February 11, 2008

You already know that I’m pretty much over the “goody bag” concept for birthday parties, and that—when I can—I prefer to give each child a single book or toy, instead. Last week I found a few goodies for girls, suitable for party favors or even, heck, presents.

Today while I should be doing other work, I’m scanning Amazon for more options. The following are all on sale for 71% off and are all part of the 4-for-3 promotion—mix and match all you like, but if you buy 3, you get one free. Time to stock up….

Handbook of Pirates is just $1.75 and suitable for your favorite scurvy pirates.

Boo! is a book of monster-themed jokes, suitable for your monster-lover or perhaps to put away for next Halloween. Just $1.16.

Magic Card Tricks is perfect for the child destined to grow up to be a hustler. Or something. $2.62.

How to Make Balloon Dinosaurs comes with the balloons; just supply your own hot air. (I am really on a roll, today.) $2.93.

This Butterfly Activity Book is full of themed puzzles and activities, and cheap enough at $1.46 to make a great party give-out they’ll think you spent a lot more on than you did.


  1. Cool – thanks! I ordered a bunch that you suggested. I wanted to browse some more and their sort by price wasn’t working. How annoying when there are +20,000 books in the 4 for 3 offer.

  2. Thanks, Mir.

  3. I also like to make CDs with music that relates to the theme of the party and give them out to the kids. I also try to use songs that are “parent-friendly” and do not make your ears bleed when you have to listen to them 400 times in a row. I’m NOT a fan of the b-day party goodie bag. . . .

  4. Wonderful! How do you sort through the millions of Amazon books to find these bargains? Any tips you can share?

  5. Shari: There isn’t any real method to my madness when I scan for this stuff, as Amazon is notorious for making it difficult to search in meaningful ways on these sorts of things. Today I went through the 4-for-3 link in Books, then Children’s Books, then Arts and Activities, I think…? Then I went back and chose Obsessions as the subcategory. In both subcategories, I I searched for “save” on each page, so it was a matter of clicking the find button a bunch to find the stuff on sale. 😉

  6. Pretty Mir, I don’t think I would have the same luck, so I do appreciate your suggestions. I was looking for something to push me to $25, and I’m thinking these will be great fun for Easter baskets!

  7. I LOVE this idea and I just ordered 8 of the Balloon Dinosaur books for my nephew’s birthday party. My sister is so excited!

    Thanks! And my, you sure look lovely today. 🙂

  8. When I looked at all these books, they were nearly all MUCH more expensive than what you listed… I wonder if Amazon jacked up the prices during the day?? (Pirates: $5.99; Boo!: $3.95; Dino Balloons: $9.99! Butterflies: $4.95) Oh well — I guess I missed out.

  9. Most of these Amazon deals were gone already, but I did get the magic card trick book for 72% off — I bought 8 of them, so 2 got 2 free. I am going to combine these with a deck of cards for a fabulous “magical” goody bag for my daughter’s upcomimg 9th birthday. Thanks for the tip!

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