The find that wasn’t

By Mir
February 21, 2008

[But first: What happened with posting this week? Haven’t things seemed a little… well… thin? Why yes, thanks for noticing and not complaining. Sorry about the last few days being a bit light—it’s been one of those chicken-with-my-head-cut-off kinds of weeks, and I hope to return us to our regular programming next week.]

This past weekend I got a few hours to myself with nothing pressing to attend to, so I went over to TJ Maxx hoping to find a bargain. I started out looking for a purse (which is a story in and of itself, for another time), but by sheer luck came across an amazing dress. It was gorgeous. It was the only one left, and it happened to be my size. Original price (as evidenced by the manufacturer’s price tag): $265. TJ Maxx price: $29.99.

I tried it on, and the security tag was attached in such a way that I couldn’t tell if the dress lay properly. But for $29.99 I was willing to risk it. I bought it, brought it home, and immediately went and tried it on again to see if it fit better now that the tag was out. And… it didn’t.

For a minute I considered keeping it, anyway. What a steal! Maybe it was close enough! But there’s no amount of money (or savings) that make an ill-fitting garment a good deal, so back to the store it goes. Alas.


  1. But could a seamstress fix it up quickly and charge you less than $20? Might be worth it if it just needs a little taken in or a little let out.

  2. Sadly, the dress is a finely crocheted thing that goes over a matching slip. The slip’s straps are soooo long that they need to be significantly shortened to fit me—which isn’t a big deal, except that once they’re shortened, the hem of the slip will be way too short. Sigh.

  3. Maybe put two security tags in, one on each side?
    (Yes, that was an attempt at humor)

  4. Bummer that tailoring couldn’t help!

  5. How much do you love it? If you love it a lot, take it to a seamstress and see what they can do. It might be possible to add fabric to the bottom of the slip, or insert it somewhere higher up in such a way as to make it either not show or look like it’s supposed to be part of the design.

  6. Bring on the purse story and let’s talk about places to find good bargains on handbags. Some people have shoe buying/hoarding problems, mine is all about purses. Marshalls has greatly disappointed me lately by having too many bags selling for over $100.00, some are nice but $100.+ is not why I go to Marshalls!

  7. Let’s hear the purse story. I just busted the strap on my current purse, so I’ll be making do with an old one until I find a replacement. Sigh. I really like this one. separate pocket for reading glasses, cute little outer pocket with easy access for cell phone…sigh.

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