Stock up and save on bulk foods

By Mir
February 27, 2008

Hey, it looks like Amazon is having a Grocery Clearance thingie right now—buy $25+ of qualifying items, and use coupon code CLEARALL to take $10 off your order instantly (and you still get free Super Saver Shipping).

The catch? Well, there’s isn’t a place to see a complete list of items, so you’ll need to do some surfing around. Thanks to mamacita for figuring this out: Here’s a link to all eligible items. Also, some things are on sale in one flavor while another isn’t, etc. Now that I’m a Senseo convert, I went looking for those expensive little pods… and I found that the Hazelnut Waltz, Kenya Blend, and Variety Packs qualify, but other flavors don’t. Go figure. (But the ones that qualify are 33% off already, so you could buy two and get 8 packs of pods for $3.39/pack, which still beat the grocery store hands down.)

Bottom line: There’s deals to be had if you’ve got some time and some patience.


  1. Your speaking of Amazon reminds me of my recent purchase with them. I tried to get in on the cookware (with the book) but was emailed that the description was incorrect and they had canceled the book/cookware. I emailed to find out if I would be charged shipping for the cheese slicer that we needed (ours just broke) and had ordered to get the price up for free shipping. For some reason, they replied that I shouldn’t worry and my cancellation request had apparently gone through. Now, remember, I hadn’t requested a cancellation, so I again asked the same question (also note that the order had completely disappeared, including the cheese slicer, so I couldn’t check it out myself). I think they finally realized the second time what had happened but instead of answering my question, they just told me they were sending me the cheese slicer to me for free due to the inconvenience of the canceled order. I didn’t even ask about that, so I was pleasantly surprised. Sure enough, yesterday the cheese slicer we had previously chosen showed up at our door, free of charge!

  2. Jess, are you talking about the “Cast Iron Cooking for Dummies Cookbook”? I bought two of those and have not gotten an email from them about their error.

  3. I heart Amazon.

  4. I found two great deals without needing patience or time (both in short supply right now.) Thanks, Mir!
    I also ordered the book/cast iron deal and also have not received an email. I’m just going to sit quietly and wait unless there is an update we should know about…la la la…

  5. Another great thing to do with Amazon is the subscribe and save — an automatic 15% discount on things you use often, and they’ll ship them to you every few months. Cancellable at any time. We use it for diapers.

  6. The Kix are part of the sale. My son loves Kix!

  7. Search for “marchclearance” in the “Grocery” section — that should get you the complete list.

    If you’re into beef jerky, today is your lucky day.

  8. I’m procrastinating by surfing (my favourite way to go) through the Amazon grocery clearance and find this . What on earth would you do with 12 jars of marshmallow fluff???? I’m not sure I want to know…

  9. The Hubba Bubba bubble tape (I’ve found cotton candy and watermelon flavors so far) come out to be 63 cents a piece if you make two orders (which is 48 tapes, $30) and would make great party favors or Easter basket fillers or whatever.

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