In case you missed the deals on Friday. . .

By Mir
March 3, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

… you can always take advantage of the Kitchen and Home One-Day Sale at Amazon, which is sort of like a Friday-Sale-redux on home stuff.

They’ve got this cool weather station (which I think a commenter brought up on Friday) for just $15.99, which, really, is a small price to pay to not have the children argue that really, it’s shorts weather, they’re sure of it!

Who wants a cheap, refurbished KitchenAid mixer? (Me, me, I do!)

Ooooh, the Breadman TR875 is back on the cheap—just $69.99 with free shipping. Awesome reviews on this one, and I know a lot of folks expressed remorse over missing it, last time. Now’s your chance!

I think these rapid beverage chillers are sort of ridiculous, but if you had your heart set on one, that’s the lowest price I’ve seen. It’d make a nice gift for someone who has everything, I guess.

Heehee—I almost bought these cookie cutters at Christmas and then didn’t. They’d make an excellent filler item in your order, now, and who doesn’t want headless/limbless gingerbread people??

I have no idea if these knives are any good. I just desperately love the glass block (and the 70% off price tag).

I’m also in love with this wooden Dansk tray, which is marked down to $24.99 and eligible for the 4-for-3 promotion. (Have a slew of weddings coming up? It’s an elegant and practical gift that will match any decor!)

Cheap king size sheets (in a decent thread count, even).

Been on the lookout for a serger deal? How about this Brother 1034D for $199.99 with free shipping? It’s extremely highly rated, and while Amazon’s claim that it’s half off is a bit inflated (as per usual), it’s still close to $50 cheaper than you’ll find it anywhere else. There aren’t as many reviews on this Euro-Pro 534 DX, but it’s on big sale as well.

Wow. This is almost too much excitement for me, on a Monday. I may need to go lie down for a minute.


  1. The link isn’t working for me 🙁 (Kitchen and Home One-Day Sale). Pam

  2. Should be fixed now. 🙂

  3. We ordered the Breadman as a Valentine’s Day gift to each other and LOVE it! Super easy, the loaves have been terrific, and we feel much better about eating bread that we’ve made as opposed to buying commercial bread. I recommend it!

  4. The cookie cutters crack me up.

  5. I am attached at the hip to my kitchen aide, but alas, it is very very old and speaks to me in whiiiine when I start it up. Is it wiser to attempt to contact kitchen aide and get my old one refurbished, or should I invest in a “new” refurbished? I’ve already told dh that he better start saving up cause I am NOT going without this staple in my kitchen when this one coughs it’s last whiiine. ACK

  6. I have that serger by Brother and it is WICKEDLY awesome. If you do a good bit of sewing, it is well worth the price. It’s a workhorse and EASY to use. I have two friends who also have the same machine and they love theirs to death, too.

  7. Stop it! Just stop it! It’s bad enough that it’s Monday, do you have to trick us into believing it’s Friday? 🙂

  8. We’re getting a bread machine, we’re getting a bread machine, we’re getting a bread machine, we’re… you get the picture now! 🙂 Thanks for the heads up, Mir! I was swamped this morning (with work – the gall!) and didn’t have a chance to check on it yet myself. Good thing I came to wantnot first – I definitely want you to get credit for the sale.

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