My kind of election

By Mir
March 11, 2008

I just got this in my Stonyfield Farm newsletter and I have to share, because I love everything about Stonyfield—their company philosophy, their yummy products, their commitments to both better health and environmental concerns—but this truly takes the cake in terms of genius.

Stonyfield is about to determine a new yogurt flavor, and you can go vote in America’s Flavor Election. The way they have it set up just makes me giggle (I think I’m a Demogurt, but I confess looking longingly at a few of those Yopublican flavors!), and when you vote you’re entered for a chance to win a year’s supply of yogurt. (Want more immediate gratification? Kathryn sent along this link for $1 off Yobaby products. Thanks, Kathryn!)


  1. Man… That was harder than the REAL election! I couldn’t help myself and voted Yopublican. I can’t resist Chai!

    (But Garden Salad? Does somebody think that sounds good? Maybe I’m missing something…)

  2. I went for the pom berry flavor, but boy, that herb would be tasty as a pretzel or vege dip.

  3. whole milk Chai yogurt.

    heaven in a cup

  4. The Official Rules state that the sweepstakes period ended Feb 29 — bummer! Still was fun to vote though… 😉

  5. I voted Indelicious for Dulce de Leche. Wow, that would be tasty.

  6. Kyallee, the rules say it STARTS March 1st and ends May 31st, you must be looking at the rules for something else!

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