iPhones for $249

By Mir
March 18, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Been eying an iPhone? It’s not exactly a cheap item, but if you’ve been considering switching to AT&T wireless so that you can have one (pretty! shiny!) you might be interested to know that right now you can order a refurbished 8G iPhone for just $249.

And I’m not suggesting you do anything other than activate it with AT&T, of course, but you can order just the phone without activation (read the fine print). Just sayin’.

Also just saying that I just bought an iPhone. *squee*


  1. Congrats on the Iphone! We bought one like that and took it to the AT&T store, where we were told there would be a $750 deposit due on “the line,” since our credit is bad. So the Iphone went back to the store 🙁

  2. Ooof. I already have at&t, but can barely afford my plan as is, much less add cash to it for texting and data! But this is very, very tempting…

  3. Ooooo so tempting. But my DH is convinced we can wait until their 3G wireless capable. I’m not sure I can wait… Are you going to activate yours?

  4. Everyone I know who has one LOVES it in a way they should not love electronics. Congrats!

  5. Kristine: Yes, I’m going to activate mine. I’d actually been seriously considering a Crackberry for work, figuring I couldn’t afford the iPhone… but truth be told, I’ll much prefer this and the price was comparable.

    And it’s all deductible business expenses for me, too. Woo! 😀

  6. Wait, Wait…Wait…

    I thought Otto hated AT&T, so are you two on different plans now? Will you have two cell phones? Didn’t you just get a cell phone plan when you got married? I KNOW you aren’t payin fees (because, HELLO, who would you be then) so what’s the deal.

    And for the record, I bought my iPhone when the 4G’s went down in price and I love, love, love it — from the bottom of my cold, dead heart. (And yes, I might have slept with it when I brought it home (for like a week maybe). What? Stop looking at me with that tone of voice.

  7. Welcome to the iphone! I’m so in love with mine, it’s a good thing it came out after I got married.

  8. Oh, Patricia, you know me too well…. 😉

    AT&T’s coverage has apparently improved a LOT in the last year. And we are currently on Verizon but in a “low coverage area,” which means that our reception at home is positively rotten. We had Verizon look into it back when we got new phones (you’re right, it was just last summer), and they told us they couldn’t improve the signal and we could get our of contracts for free at any time.

    This morning at 6:00 I called Verizon to verify that we could break our contracts without penalty, and by 6:30 two iPhones were on their way. Heh.

  9. I soooo want an iPhone! Our contract with Verizon isn’t up until next year, though, so I’m stuck for now. But, I have to ask, why wouldn’t you activate it?

  10. Karly: The iPhone basically has all the same functionality as an iTouch, but it’s cheaper. Some people are buying them and unlocking them to use like iTouches.

  11. What a coinkidink, we ordered ours last night! First the hubby ordered two refurbs from Apple for $349 each, then logged onto to AT&T and saw their price. I promptly killed him. Then, much to my amazement, he was able to easily cancel the Apple order online. (Customer service does exist!) Back to AT&T and ours are coming. Whee!

  12. Oooo! I’ve had mine since last June… you’re gonna love it Mir…

  13. Ack…the jealousy…it spilleth over.

    Congrats on the cool new toys!

  14. I wonder how long they will be at this price…I know you will probably flog me for this, Mir, but I am thinking that hubby would love to spend a wee bit of the tax return to upgrade his phone to this…

  15. I can’t believe I just bought an Apple product. Doh!
    The price is too good to pass up and I can’t wait for the
    new openmoko phone. Thanks for the kind deals.

  16. Love, Love, LOVE my IPhone and all things Mac and Apple!!! I highly recommend the mac.com store for all sorts of refurbished mac items!..and lots of free shipping if spending $50 (which is WAY to easy to do!)

  17. This probably goes without saying BUT be sure to check the coverage where you are planning to use the iPhone. AT&T has crappy coverage out where I live, sadly.
    So I just bought the ipod Touch and a Blackberry Pearl. Hey, don’t look at me that way…. LOL

  18. Man, I SO want a iPhone! But, we really can’t afford the monthly plan, so I’ll just sit here and pout and eye everybody’s iPhones longingly. Congrats to those of you who got one!

  19. ohhhhh… this will teach me not to look at wantnot EVERY FREAKIN’ DAY.

    the iphones … they are gone.

    and i am in mourning.

  20. Ok, Mir, we need a big fat review of your iPhone. What do you love? What do you hate? What do you wish it did better? Is it worth waiting for the next release?? Can’t wait to hear!!

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