Label maker, how do I love thee?

By Mir
March 31, 2008

A label maker is one of those things which I never knew I needed until I got one. Because, really, how hard is it to just, you know, write out a label? But the thing is, it’s not about writing being hard; in my case, it’s about my writing being completely illegible.

Now that I have one, I use it for everything. So do my kids. And my husband’s workshop is a marvel of modern organization, with everything meticulously labeled so that I can feel extra-special stupid when I can’t find the measuring tape.

Anyway! If you’re wanting one of those handy little label printers, check out this Brother PT-1010 handheld label printers from It’s currently just $19.09 with free shipping. (For reference, the same model is currently $41.49 at Amazon.) I promise you’ll find yourself using it for all sorts of things.

Also? One of these would make a rockin’ end-of-year teacher gift for a teacher you really love. (Maybe go in on one together with a friend or three, if you really want to save—your recipient will find it an extravagant gift no matter how many names are on the card.)

Also, I am completely amused that the item states “Limit (10) per customer.” Because I really, really wanted 11.


  1. Darnit. You just helped me spend some more money!

  2. I signed up to checkout my label maker through the Google link and saved another $10 on my purchase!!!! Looooove it! I got the label maker for….drumroll please…..$9.09!!! Life is good for being a Monday!

  3. WooHoo!! I just 2 for $28 and change. Great idea for the teacher gift, esp since I’m in charge of these sorts of things.

  4. May I echo that statement? This would be a great teacher gift for the end of the year! Stock up! You can give it to next year’s teacher for Christmas!
    (Was that too pushy? No, don’t answer that.)

  5. I *adore* my P-Touch labelmaker. As I once commented to my roommate, “Labelmaker? I think you mean FUN-maker!”

  6. As it happens, I have a teacher I really love, since he doubles as husband by night. So guess what he’s getting for his end-of-year present. 😉

    Thank you!

  7. I have that label maker and I whisper sweet nothings into its ear as it prints.

  8. Speaking as the proud owner (for several years now) of a Brother label maker, this is a razors and blades situation, people.

    They’ll GIVE you the label maker. It’s the $10 tape refills that mark the addiction. Bwahahaha.

  9. Lisa, thank you for the Google checkout tip! I also picked up 2 for $28. My sister will thank you too.

  10. I am also a Brother label addict. The pricey roll of tape does last a long time for me, though.

    (tip: price-shop for the refills. Two rolls at a local office supply was $43 this winter. On Amazon, it was about $12 ea the day I ordered one. Big difference.)

  11. Thanks, Mir, for the great tip. I have been eyeing up one of these at my local Sam’s for a while and have never bitten the bullet. And I have lots and lots of things that could use a label. I plan to use it first to label the light switches in my house and garage, since the one I turn on is never the one that I want!!!

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