Jeans confessional

By Mir
April 9, 2008

Look, I know that none of you want to hear about my butt (um, let’s just assume that to be the case), but I have to tell you something. If you are female, chances are you have a hard time finding jeans that fit. If you are a curvy female, you’ll be having an even harder time, because many, many clothing manufacturers do not believe in hips.

I know! It’s weird, this firmly-held belief that hips are like unicorns—oft-discussed but mythical. But it’s true that some women have hips. You heard it right here.

Anyway, they may not be haute couture, but I am here to tell you that Lee Jeans—while neither particularly expensive nor bling-y—are not only made for women with waists and hips, they now have a style called “One True Fit” that magically prevent the curse of hip-y girls everywhere by causing the jeans to actually fit in the waist while not cutting off the circulation to the hips. It’s a thing of beauty.

If you order directly from Lee, orders of $25+ ship for free, automatically. The new Spring styles are 20% off, and let’s be honest, here… it’s not like their stuff is very expensive, to begin with. Decent pricing and pants that fit. It could only be better if your package came wrapped in bacon.


  1. I have some One True Fit khakis and I luuuurve them.

  2. One True Fits are not made for big girls. They only go to size 14. Guess I’ll just go on wearing men’s jeans… least they don’t cut me in two at the waist.

  3. Try the gap curvy line jeans and pants. These are great for women with hips and larger derrieres.

  4. Nice stuff, ‘cept everything I like in 10 petite is out of stock 🙁 I might be stalking them for the next few days!

  5. Unfortunately, I dont really have hips but I have a belly so I wear odd number sizes, like 11 and all of these places sell only womans, 10 or 12 and they just dont fit and if you shop at jrs they are all low wait, I am too old for that. grmmph!!

  6. I’ve had decent luck with J Crew jeans scavenged from thrift stores and sales. The bootcut regular rise are perfect, or would be if my waistline weren’t currently 20 weeks pregnant.

    I might have to try out the Lees postpartum.

  7. I love Lee OTF khakis, the jeans still don’t do it for me, unfortunately. My problem is I’m a size 6 everywhere, but a size 4 in my waist. I buy Gap long and lean jeans, then have a tailor take them in a couple of inches at the waist. It costs less than $10 to have them taken in and so worth not walking around pulling your pants up as they start to droop. :-0

  8. Any idea how long this sale is going to go on?

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