That’s amore! Also, that’s a-lotta oil-ay!

By Mir
April 9, 2008

Coming in just behind my love affair with chocolate and bacon (not together) is my deep affection for olive oil. We use olive oil in, well, nearly everything. It’s good for you! And it’s tasty! And if you’re a wannabe-foodie you can pour it into pretty jars with some garlic cloves and/or the spices of your choice and give it away as gifts. (If you do that, I recommend tying a pretty ribbon on it and saying, “I made you some gourmet olive oil” rather than “Dude, I totally just dumped some oil in this jar with this rosemary I grew!” Of course I am being completely hypothetical.)

Do you cook with a lot of olive oil? Scoot on over to Amazon, where this two-pack of Colavita extra virgin olive oil is currently $23.80. Then use coupon code OILOIL22 to save another $5. That’s 68 ounces of the primo stuff for just $18.80—much cheaper than you’d get it in the store. (Too much oil for you? Split it with a friend and you each take one 34-ounce tin for $9.40.) Add a filler item and it’ll ship for free with Super Saver Shipping, and if you’ve seen a price like that at your local grocery store, I’ll drink a glassful of oil, rosemary and all.


  1. And if you think you won’t use it to cook, it makes the best DIY body scrub you can imagine. Just mix it with kosher or sea salt and give yourself a scrub down at the beginning of your shower. Then just wash yourself like usual. I do it a few times a week and my skin feels like a dream.

  2. Thanks Pretty Mir! 🙂

  3. In my worst, darkest moments, I have sometimes wondered what crispy bacon dipped in chocolate might taste like.

  4. Thanks for posting this – I used the snowman puzzle book you posted the other day as my add-on to get the free super saver shipping. What a great deal all around!

  5. Do I have the [a href=]candy bar for you[/a].

  6. Damn my inability to do hyperlink code!

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