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By Mir
April 14, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Hey, remember when Amazon was for books? I mean, remember when Amazon was just for books? Yeah, me neither. (Okay, I do, ever-so-vaguely.) I tend to go there for just about everything, so sometimes I forget that they started primarily as a book store. Heh.

Well here’s a doozy of a deal that will remind you of Amazon’s roots: For a limited time, there’s this great Entertainment books deal going on—spend $25+ on qualifying books in the Entertainment category (which I don’t understand, even a little; aren’t all books entertainment??) and you’ll receive a free subscription to Us Weekly magazine.

Doesn’t sound like a deal? Think again—you can opt out of the magazine subscription and receive a $19.80 rebate, instead. Then you’ve got $25 worth of books for just $5.20, instead.

Even better still, some of the books are part of the ongoing 4-for-3 promotion, so if you choose right, you could really clean up on this deal.


  1. Brilliant. You are brilliant. Thanks!

  2. What do you do to opt out? I’m at the media library but am afraid to hit download for free that opts me in.

  3. amy: After you fulfill the requirements of the promotion, you’ll both get an email from Amazon and (I believe) your subscription will show up in your media library awaiting “activation.” You then follow the directions on the promo page to mail the publisher to ask for a refund.

    I’ve done it before on other Amazon promos and it’s always worked just fine. The check takes around 6 weeks to show up but they do refund you.

  4. Wow! That was easy. My son will love his new Beatles books.

  5. I can finally get The Zombie Survival Guide! Sa-weet!

    OK, kidding. Sort of.

  6. This is my favorite tip ever from you, Ms Mir. It is AWESOME, I never understood what the fine print meant before you mentioned that.

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