Another idea for yo’ Mama

By Mir
April 23, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

(See how I got all hip and lingo-ish, there? What? Oh. Yeah. Okay, I’ll stop.)


Shop at Harry and David'sAnyway! Hi! Through April 24th, 2008, if you place a $65+ order at Harry and David, you’ll get a free box of their chocolate heart charms (a $35 value)! So you could order goodies for Mom and keep the chocolates for yourself! Or goodies for yourself and give the chocolates to Mom! Or you could give it all to Mom because you’re just that good of a kid. All I’m saying is that it’s probably a little easier to fork over $65 when you’re getting a $35 item for free.


  1. Worst company, ever. Didn’t send one of my gifts and didn’t bother to tell me until 3 months later. They credited a closed account and won’t bother to find out where the money is. Horrible customer service.

  2. Goodness, that’s unfortunate, Justine. I’m sorry you had a bad experience. This is the first unhappy customer story I’ve heard about H&D; they’re normally wonderful.

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