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By Mir
April 28, 2008

Being as frugal as I am, at some point along the way I taught myself how to cut hair.

Oh, it’s not very hard, really. Watch a hairdresser do it a few times and you’ll be able to do it, too. I’m not talking super fancy cuts, or anything, but you can trim up a girl’s hair or do the standard “little boy haircut” pretty easily.

The money I save by cutting everyone’s hair at home (my kids’ and my husband’s) is… oh, you thought I was going to say “more money in the bank,” I bet, but in fact it’s “money I can then justify spending on my own hairdresser, because I’m brave but I’m not nuts, so I can’t very well cut my own hair.”

If you do haircuts at home and you have any Y chromosomes in your house, you need a good set of clippers. Right now this deluxe Wahl set is just $40.19, plus you get another $10 off with coupon code WAHLMAR8 through the end of April. Can you buy a set of clippers for $10? Sure. Should you be putting $10 clippers against your children’s heads? Only if you like it when they scream that you’re pulling their hair.

I have a set of Wahl clippers that have served me well for over a decade and are still going strong. You won’t regret it. (And I’m sure that my son has now decided to grow his hair long has nothing to do with all those years of buzz cuts….)


  1. I’d just like to second the idea that it is NOT hard to cut hair. Particularly man hair. I have to say, I’ve given my husband one – maybe two – not so good hair cuts in the more than six years I have been cutting his hair. Considering he used to get a bad haircut at least once a year before that, I’d say my average is pretty good… And Wahl makes a mighty fine set of clippers.

  2. I cut our three year old boy’s hair with clippers very similar to those. I call it the “Back Deck Mommy” Special. I figure he’s too young for his friends to make fun of him… 🙂

  3. My husband was just mentioning to me about two or three months ago that he wanted me to learn how to cut his hair so he could stop going so often. (His hair grows *fast*.)

    Well my goodness. Won’t he be thrilled. This means I actually have to learn.


  4. I cut my 2 y/o daughter’s hair and my husband’s hair, and my sister and I swap cuts for each other. We both have short hair, so it needs cut often, and this saves a ton of money. I cut my husband’s hair with clippers, and they are well overdue for replacement. New ones were on the shopping list, so thanks for the great link to a great deal from Wahl!

  5. Sorry to all the hair stylists out there that this might offend, but hair cutting is not rocket science. If you’re nervous about branching out and trying cutting from home, think about how many times someone you know has had a bad hair experience after a professional cut it, and always remember that it will grow back. (And maybe don’t try it for the first time before a major photo shoot or school pics…..)

  6. I cut my entire family’s hair- including my own. It’s really not has difficult as it seems 🙂

  7. I’ve been cutting my boys hair for years now. My older one fussed and squirmed at the barber so much that I decided to give it a try myself. He still squirms a bit, but it saves us both time and money (and I haven’t made any mistakes that I haven’t seen the barber do on occasion). After seeing how nice the kids haircuts were, my husband agreed to let me do his hair (but he wanted to wait until summer vacation just in case). Now he says he likes my cuts better than the barber. Hah!

    I’ll have to check out these clippers, though – mine are about a $15 set from mmm, maybe 7 years ago…

  8. A few years ago, because I desperately wanted to be like Mir, I bought my set of clippers. I reasoned that with the boy at 2 years old, I’d be able to make a decent hair cut by the time it mattered. The first or second time I cut his hair, I took him on a trip to see my grandmother. After we left, she told my parents, “Please don’t let her do that again to that boy.”
    I was horrified. But haircuts here for children are $20, $25 for the cut and $5 guilt/tip money — so I paid for my clippers in 2 cuts. And I’ve gotten better. The boy is due again, now if I could make my husband brave enough to do his hair — I know I could do better than the chop shop he goes to now.

  9. huh…I was just commenting to my hubby today that I’ve only taken my 7 y/o daughter ONCE to a salon…they charged me $7 to cut her bangs! FOR-freakin-get it! I do my son’s hair on a regular basis, and my hub’s too, if it’s an emergency. He’s in the military, so “getting it right” is important. I guess I’ve done all right in the last 10 years!

  10. We have the Wahl set (I cut my husband’s hair), and love it! Just sayin’. 🙂

  11. I’ve got a Wahl clippers that I’ve had for 14 years and use every few weeks to buzz my husband’s hair. We’ve probably saved at least $2,000 over the last 14 years by cutting his hair myself. He used to go every 4 weeks or so and pay $12 each time, not including tip. Well worth the investment!

  12. Oh Mir! Can I have your babies!?!?! We have been desperately needing clippers to give our large dog haircuts in the summer. Otherwise, it is $17+ each time at the groomer. Cheap clippers don’t work, but I know these will! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you are AWESOME!

  13. Thank you, darling girl! I went right over and bought it. I cut my kids’ hair, too. Once I got all nervous about the job I was doing (I occasionally get less than stellar results), so I took my two older ones to a salon several times—and I liked those cuts LESS than what I can do, and they got messed-up haircuts just as often as when I did it.

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