Winner of the Flip contest

By Mir
May 1, 2008
Category Contests

Dudes. Dudes. 696 valid entries* into the contest to win the 60-minute Flip camcorder. Sometimes I say to my husband, “They really like me!” and he replies “Yes, dear. They really like you…r stuff!” Regardless, I’m glad to have you all along.

I have but one Flip to give, and Ye Olde Random Number Generator picked number 65: Rebecca! Congratulations, Rebecca! (Check your email, and mail me back with your address, please.) If any of the rest of you are looking to buy one, remember that they have a variety of colors in stock at Amazon.

Thanks to all who played, and a special gigantic thank-you to the folks Flip for donating the camcorder. I will just be whispering a few more sweet nothings to it before sending it on to its new home….

As always, stay tuned for more contests!

*Just a quick little refresher: When I post “reminder” posts, you still have to comment on the original contest post to be entered into the contest. Furthermore, I’m not trying to be a tyrant, but I do enforce the one-entry-per-person thing to keep it fair for everyone. Just because you have more than one email address doesn’t mean you get to enter more than once. I can see your IP addresses and if I see duplicate entries I will note them and guess what, you’re never going to win. Play fair, folks.


  1. Congratulations Rebecca! Let us know how much you love it.

    And thank you Mir, for continuing to run such awesome contests!

  2. Just because we like your stuff doesn’t mean we don’t like you too….

  3. Mir, I told my husband and sister about the contest and they both entered, using their own email addresses. We all use the same computer, though. Now I feel bad, like we cheated without knowing! Should it be one entry per computer then? I’m a rules girl, and this makes me feel terrible!

  4. Selena: No no, that’s fine. I’ve had a couple of cases where folks have clearly done multiple entries all in a row with different email addresses but are all some weird pseudonyms and clearly the same people. They’re not regular commenters, either, which makes them easier to spot. You’re fine. 🙂

  5. Awesome contests! Awesome deals! Funny, witty, pretty author… whats not to love?

    Um, do you know your text on all your posts has been changed to the same size as your disclaimer? 🙂

  6. I think you’re awesome to enforce the rules like that. I thought yesterday, ‘what’s to keep someone from making multiple entries?’ And pretty, smart you figured it out. I have a work computer and a home computer and different email addresses, but I didn’t feel right entering twice. I guess I could have entered my husband, mom, etc. But I didn’t think about that. Thanks for keeping it honest and fair!

  7. Yeah, the flip phone got my husband on board too. I was worried about it being “one entry per household” but since my name isn’t Rebecca, I think it’s probably fine now.

    Now maybe I can talk him into BUYING one since luck isn’t getting us anywhere. 🙂 Thanks for doing these contests. While, in our home, we like your contests and your deals, we have been fans of YOU since Aught Six when we found you.

  8. Congrats, Rebecca!

    *sigh* What some people won’t do, right?

    Thanks for all the great contests/prizes, Mir!

  9. I did it too! My mother asked me to enter her because she was at work and couldn’t get to it. Sorry, if we broke the rules. Thanks for the contest anyway, even if we were disqualified.

  10. I’m a winner! Yay for me! Thanks, Mir, for rocking. And for being supremely pretty. 🙂

  11. I love your *disclaimer. You rock. 🙂

  12. Congratulations Rebecca.

    And Mir, thanks for keeping it fair.

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