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By Mir
May 6, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Ottoman empire, that is.

I used to think “ottoman” was a funny word. Heck, who am I kidding—I still think “ottoman” is a funny word. But as an adult I’ve come to recognize their utility. Especially when I can store things in them. Or tell a child, “You need to sit on the ottoman so that we old people with bad backs can sit on the actual couches and chairs.”

Anyway, they’ve got a two ottoman set at Amazon for $35.99 shipped, which is kind of a steal just on shipping savings alone. Hide the smaller one in the larger one, or use the larger one for storage (and look, the top flips over to be a tray, which is snazzy). Either way, it’s an efficient, inexpensive way to expand both seating and storage.

These would be particularly good in a kids’ playroom, because it gives extra seating and storage and you won’t have to sweat it if they end up destroyed. (Side note: At what age of the children, exactly, do I get to stop appending “… if they end up destroyed” to every household consideration?)


  1. now it’s 59.99. boo. 🙁

  2. “(Side note: At what age of the children, exactly, do I get to stop appending “… if they end up destroyed” to every household consideration?)”

    Never. As long as there are people, there are things being destroyed. It is the way of stuff.

  3. When they move out of the house…
    Right now, it’s not necessarily Mr 18 that destroys things, although he does now and then, but his friends are overly rambunctious now and then.

  4. yeah, I’ve been looking at these and I was so excited at the price until I followed the link to 59.99

  5. Down to $53.27 at 12:00 noon EST.

  6. Creative Amazon pricing strikes again. Hmph.

  7. mir, you’re dyslexic. it’s $53.99

  8. No, I am not dyslexic. When I posted this (hours ago) the price was $35.99. Amazon has a long history of changing prices on the fly, which is why I post deals as I find them throughout the day, rather than doing just a once-daily thing. Sometimes if you aren’t able to get in right away, the price goes up. Sorry.

  9. (at what age etc.) Never, by the time your youngest is out on his/her own, the eldest is visiting with the grandchildren and the sweetest grandbabies can do lots of damage. Then too, if the kids don’t ruin it, the pets will! 🙂 and we love them all.

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